Notes on Multiculturalism

Our actions, values thoughts, and patters of learning are controlled by our culture. Most of the time, we are not aware of the power of our cultural upbringing. This phenomenon leads to ethnocentrism, in which members of a group view their culture as superior to all others. People from other cultural groups are perceived as odd, amusing, inferior, or even immoral. Ethnocentrism is sometimes promoted in emotional calls for patriotism, especially at times when a country is involved in a political conflict with another country. The other country is often denigrated by name calling based on negative stereotypes of its citizens, and this actually occurred in the 1990 war between Iraq and the United States and her coalition partners.

Sidebar: The team at this blog is well aware of the propaganda war machine that gets fired up at the start of, during, and at the closing of all such wars. Please understand that this is not a new phenomenon as it has appeared in the 1930s Hollywood films. Just one more thing, all countries engage in it – Editor

Ethnocentrism is not limited to relations with other nations; if occurs often between groups within the U.S.A. Homosexuals are the alleged victims of abuse by talk radio hosts and some religious groups. The religious right appears to believe that its cultural values and lifestyles are the only correct ones; alternatives are not tolerated. Historically, many members of the dominant culture have believed that their culture is superior to those with non-European roots. Ethnocentrism extends beyond individuals’ views of their culture, and has led to discriminatory policies and practices that favor members of the dominant group.

Sidebar: With all due fairness to those members of the religious right, we feel that it is important for national leadership to view situations outside of the vacuum and definitely outside of current trending. It is essential that national leadership take into consideration the nation’s historic morals, values, ethics, and what is tolerable and to whom. It is the opinion of this group that communities of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals be just as tolerant as the government has demanded that those who do not ascribe to that notion – homosexuality – in other words it appears that some of the issues involving businesses, charitable donators, voters, and others have been more involved with the hate speech and discriminatory practices toward their non-gay counterparts.

When differences are translated into a deficit model, groups that are not accepted as part of the dominant culture are expected to give up their culture in order to be accepted. Schools and other big organizational institutions marginalize members of these groups because their differences are not valued. Some of these marginalized groups are therefore translated into compensatory education for children of poverty; transitional bilingual education for students with limited English proficiency and special education for students with disabilities.

Sidebar:It is the mere threat of being valued as lesser than the dominate culture that gives rise in the United States of such audacious special interest groups. We are sensitive to – we are also insensitive to – organizations such as the National Council of La Raza insofar as we believe that there is no reason whatsoever to make one superior using falsehoods and trumped up myths of the ancients. In this organizations case, La Raza is ethnocentric, racist, and demeaning to every person they allegedly represent. Please understand that the National Council of La Raza receives millions of dollars annually from U.S. government entitlements as well as cash; furthermore, organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Group, Bill and Mrs. Gates along with several others donate money to La Raza each year.

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