Performance Report No1

Hello friends and welcome to American Age! As most of our “regulars” are aware we are not a group of journalists sitting here and at any whim go off tangential ranting insofar as doing such doesn’t gain readership, often offends people, and most of the time, it is plain not cool!

However, we do believe in looking at the way that things are in reality, and if they are wrong, perhaps offer some assistance with these collective minds that may answer a problem that seems undoable. But just as President Thomas Jefferson stated, “…liberties without conscience [responsibilities] are inexcusable…” Therefore, we try to offer our remedies or problem-solving capacities with humility.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party that supports him are preparing to loft, toss, throw, or bowl a whopping one billion dollars in his quest for reelection. Sound like a lot of money — $1,000,000,000.00 (one billion dollars) – because it is a heck of a lot of money! Lately we’ve been examining the heads-of-state who have been or who are in the process of being ousted. Think about it – Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, and several others are having tremendous civic discord as a result of the ways in which they have been ruled for the last half century.

Another issue we examined was the wealth and economic conditions of those ousted leaders; and our

Can he tell the truth?

 point is that they either had money or had access to the money folks and either involving their military or not these people became Kings, Presidents, Sheiks, Prime Ministers or, in some instances, any name they wanted. The more we dug the more obvious it became that these people’s money were decade after decade adding to the Kings wealth yet not the citizens wealth. Do you see any parallels here?

It is a good think that we don’t go from decade to decade here in the U.S. A. but with two terms in office a president can come darn close. We feel this is all the more reason why we should look at “Performance Reports” and this time you be the judge.

Within Barack Obama’s first year as president what did you experience? Did you know the first thing he did as President of the United States was to sign an Executive order authorizing our government to apportion hundreds of millions of dollars to fourth world nations for abortions?

Other than just about all out misspeak about the New Black Panther Party with that organization’s outright attempts at voter intimidation in Philadelphia, Obama put Attorney General Eric Holder on to it, where Holder made an absolute fool of himself. This was a matter of business so that the President of the United States of America could incite near a riot with his loose lips about how an elderly man who was out of control verbally abused a veteran Cambridge, Mass, police officer who just happened to be the training  officer specialist for racial discrimination for not only Cambridge, but several other counties in Massachusetts to boot! That incident ended in “…let’s have a beer in the garden…”

Although denying any involvement whatsoever with Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) much sooner than later our president came clean and admitted having worked for them. In case you’re unaware, ACORN has been indicted on multiple voter fraud cases and it was the 2008 election.

Other than announcing that the United States had an “…inactive federal government…” with matters relating to the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the amount of illegal aliens pouring into our nation – just what did Obama do his first year in office? Incited people to establish and make a new political party, individual state like Arizona tried to amend immigration matters at the state level as well as promise just about every democrat, you name it just about anything, for their vote on what became Obamacare. Yep, a national healthcare system that has already been ruled unconstitutional. These are matters that we know about, what about those that we don’t?


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