Those pestering – Thorn in the Flesh Questions for Illegal’s

We realize that much of this is blatantly obvious; however, we need to understand that people get busy, therefore forgetful, and ending up leaving a lot of premises brought forth yet not resolved.

We will try and make a difference here; yet at the same time we would like to hear answers from the immigrant side of “our” country. Have you ever noticed that when people want something added to immigration reform it suddenly becomes “our” country?

How are we supposed to feel when 12 million people ruthlessly and rather recklessly had no regard for your (or my) rights; yet once they’re here the matter shifts to their civil rights?

Is it right or even acceptable by law, that just because one nation has a better or just plain more of healthcare facilities then forget the law, “and let’s go to America?”

All things being equal, do the ordinary Guatemalan, Mexican, Salvadoran, and Panama have laws by which they must obey in those sovereign nations? So why would they think anything else here in America?

This is one that we get asked a lot: If an individual was brought up to the USA illegally by their parents; and now they’ve graduated from high school – depending of course on what age or grade level you were in at the time of your arrival then the United States has paid for 6 or 7 years of education for you. So why do you want the DREAM Act? Hasn’t the USA done enough for you?

Now this question is my own personal beef: When you became of age (so to speak, drivers license, relationship or otherwise) and you knew you were in the country illegally, why didn’t you do something about it?

Since you are not citizens of the United States, then why do you accuse others of racial profiling, and other civil rights violations?

There really isn’t too much sense for you to bash or say “gang-like” expressions insofar as you just broke a different law, right?

Some politicians say that you’re immune to being call illegal. What the intercourse! When you break a law – and you have either with parents as accomplices or someone assisting you making it across the border – that’s where you’ve broken the law.

By the way, you are not entitled to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”




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