Project Southern Tempest and Illegals

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced today the arrests of 678 gang members and associates from 133 different gangs during Project Southern Tempest, an intensive ICE HSI-led law enforcement operation executed in 168 U.S. cities targeting gangs affiliated with drug trafficking organizations (DTO).

Transnational criminal street gangs have significant numbers of foreign-national members and are frequently involved in human smuggling and trafficking; narcotics smuggling and distribution; identity theft and benefit fraud; money laundering and bulk cash “smuggling; weapons smuggling and arms trafficking; cyber crimes; export violations; and other crimes with a nexus to the border.

This is certainly good news; however, we are in a position of wondering why it took the approximate manpower hours to yield such a small number of whatever they are called these days. Politically correct jargon would have us say, “Undocumented immigrants or potential defendants” in criminal trials. However we far prefer the normative language of human rights violators, murderers, drug dealers, human smugglers, arms dealers or at the very least part of the criminal element.

The table below gives the precise breakdown of those arrested.

Furthermore, we have some questions that demand answers.

Out of 678 people arrested in conjunction with gang related activities: 447 were charged with criminal offenses; 231 were administrative arrests; 322 had violent criminal histories; and 421 were foreign nationals. Our biggest question is what does all of these mean?

The problem with these numbers is that they do not tell us anything. Just because 447 people were charged with criminal offenses really tells us nothing regarding the status, the future, or the expense of those individuals represented by the numbers.

What exactly were the ranges of criminal offenses? How many of the 447 people charged are also included in the “had violent criminal histories” categories? What is an administrative arrest? What type of disciplinary action is rendered? Mentioned in your report is the notion that 421 of those arrested were “foreign nationals.” Is this to imply that they are in the country illegally?

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