The “ladies” at The View…again..!

There are plenty of archived articles that we’ve written here that involve drastically changing American life. We have no real interest in announcing or proclaiming our position on these issues – anyone reading them should know what our particular feelings are about some of these issues.

Nonetheless apparently ABC television has forgotten who owns the airwaves in this nation. They will be hearing from us on this matter. In the interim the primary muscle of this story comes from Greg Hengler over at wherein he states that the gals over at The View are for the most part coming undone about their priorities in life. Well Greg is a brilliant writer; moreover, his use of humor is just the kind of therapy I think the nation could use about now.

“The View gals are seen here indirectly regurgitating the unstated but very much implied talking point in our culture that the homosexual community are the only sinless human beings.

Whoopi Goldberg, a professed bisexual, brags about getting stoned before sleeping with men. This profession reflects another trendy, hip, pop culture fad which is that getting high is fine, and in fact is good for you and should be legalized. Note the high-five Whoopi receives from her co-host, Sherri Shepherd.

So what we learn here from these enlightened ladies is this: The Bible is stupid and “too restrictive” while getting stoned, having promiscuous sex, and living and partaking in homosexual acts is to be cheered and defended.”

In all our lives, collectively here at American Age, we wonder what has happened to Barbara Walters, you know the once dignified more than reporter? Yet most offensive for us is Elizabeth Hasselback — or Oops! Where did she go? She should be embarrassed and the entire family humiliated for what she did AND didn’t do.

We need help. Please have a look at this video and please comment if you will. And in accordance with respect and integrity we would like to present Greg Hengler as well as with a well-deserved Hat-Tip.

This is a must see video! Click here or below:

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