An Un-Healthy Discourse about Washington, DC

We need to bring a couple of issues to the forefront. One is the writing done previously about George Will; the other is how Congress and the main-stream media are blaming the Tea Party for the current easing on legislation regarding the debt ceiling.

In an exclusive interview at, Ron Paul tells it like it is regarding who and what caused our debt crisis: however, right now all we’re dealing with in Washington is the blame game. Who’s at fault? Is it all Obama’s fault or is it something Republicans did in the past?

I think it’s what Republicans and Democrats and many, many administrations have done for a good many years — accepting the principles of central economic planning and a monetary system that encourages this type of behavior, as well as a foreign policy that gets us involved in these wars constantly. And they never seem to end.

That’s what the real problem is, and until we change that attitude I don’t see how we can get a handle on what’s happening.

Sadly, Congressman Paul has a prediction, a dire one. The republicans will cave … again because politically “it’s so difficult.” The results will be a dollar crisis. As for the political results for those republicans who vote for a debt increase? It will be “very very bad.” And so it should be.

The real cure? An across the board cut in spending. Amen.

Ever blunt, never the politician. Ron Paul gets my two thumbs up on this one. He is a regular “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington;” ostensibly a rare, honest, and courageous man.

I’m also at a point where I’m not that anxious to stay in the Congress right at this moment.”

Mitch McConnell, leader of the Senate Republicans, has proposed giving President Barack Obama the power to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling because the consequences of failing to raise it are too great.

Asked if that constitutes capitulating or is a good idea, Paul responds: “We are capitulating. I think it’s terrible. It should be Congress’ responsibility” and Congress should not give “this authority to the president to raise the debt limit.

Paul said he would vote against McConnell’s proposal “and any effort to raise the debt limit, because that’s been the problem. We just permit the Congress to spend and never do what they have to do, and that is cut back.”


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