We’ve learned lessons from Britain, let’s really learn now…

The rioting is ugly, almost as hideous as the wide-spread looting, vandalism, robbery, assaults on individuals, and blatant disregard for all such law and order. There is one particular issue that one has not learned yet in London; when one commits themselves to civil unrest, doing things that are beyond conscience, those who are being injured in every possible way have a strong leader in their midst.

From our earliest research into this matter almost all claims for the rioting seem to be closely related to loss of entitlements, the job market is in complete devastation, and from our perspective, ostensibly far too many people are competing for the same jobs, positions in schools, or a means of earning a wage and keeping up.

I just couldn’t believe it…a friend of tremendous celebrity status was all but in tears…”London is my home, it’s the most perfect city in the world…I just can’t believe this is happening!” I mean this person was hurting; ringing his sister and parents several times a day and trying to keep us as well-informed as possible.

That is when it hit me…I vagely  heard a radio  personality say that from the air, London looked very much like the V-1 and V-2 rocket days when the uncertainty of the British people was literally at stake. Does anyone reading this article think for an instant that there are people alive and well from those unconscionable days. Now how about those who are rioting? No chance.

America take notice and learn what is happening in London; entitlement funds are being adjusted and for those who “live on the dole” as well as having difficulty finding work. Today we have just a bit more that 12 to 13 million people who are living in this nation, collecting entitlements and who scream discrimination when they aren’t gift wrapped a job.

Already Premier Soccer matches have been canceled and guess where the Olympics are being held in 2012? Yes the London Games. These hooligans are not fit for proper society – perhaps some jail (gaol) time is warranted.

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