You’re now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes.

In pursuit to my post of yesterday (or late last evening) I captured a few of the writing suggestions that are offered by WordPress at the end of each new post in an attempt to get a good start on your new post. Actually, I believe now that these suggestions are literally prepared by and offered by the WordPress writers, or in other words, us.

The three for today are # 1 and it is the title of this post; # 2 Share a fear that you’re working to overcome; and the third one is “What form of exercise do you enjoy the most?”

Therefore I’ve chosen to write that I am now in charge of writing the messages in fortune cookies. Tell us our fortunes. But first the reason why I chose this particular topic for an essay or article is that when I perused them originally I thought like a student. Do I want to be persuasive; do I want this to come out like a writing assignment or a debate piece?

Basically it boiled down to my love for fortune cookies outweighing my fear of something – to clinical, impersonal, and it would sound like either a journal or an Academic manual of sorts. Furthermore, writing about forms of exercise is also a stratified endeavor insofar as when thinking of muscle groups and how to work them –ah, I’m just not in the mood.

Therefore it is the non-fearing, over-exertion less fun writing about telling fortunes. So without any further adieu, a fortune cookie is a crisp cookie usually made from flour, sugar, vanilla, and oil with a “fortune” wrapped inside. A “fortune” is a piece of paper with words of wisdom or a vague prophecy written exclusively for the person who consumes the cookie.

Imagine that during one year approximately 4 billion fortune cookies will be will be consumed around the world.

However, a large percentage of that number will be consumed in the USA where according to legend, and the rumor mill, the fortune cookie was developed by the Japanese (approximently 2.75 billion). However during their unfortunate internment during World War Two, legend suggest that some rival Chinese immigrants brought the idea to America.

And oh how I love to inform folks who are downtrodden over a relationship break-up that: “The person of your dreams is still waiting;” or for those who are having a little financial difficulty, I love to let them know they’re about ready to come into some unexpected wealth. A lot of folks don’t understand that these morsels of unparalleled knowledge are interchangeable.

So let’s say you’re the one with money problems and the lady directly across from you is experiencing a cold and hard break-up. So her fortune is 5 randomly chosen numbers and yours is finding that girl of your dreams. So you decide to swap.

And Viola! The 5 random numbers you played in today’s lottery that came from the cookie she swappped for, have come in and you are $10,000,000 wealthier, whilst at the same time your newly found lady friend accompanies you for the night on the town in Sydney Australia for dinner in celebration of your fortune cookies!


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