Does anyone else feel as though President Obama is talking down to them?

Does anyone else in this country feel as though President Obama is talking down to them? That given some reason – unbeknownst to all of us – he is entitled to more, has a license to spend taxpayer funds at his own discretion, or on the realism side of things, Barack Obama feels as though for some reason he is above the law?

Now then if anyone without blinders on looked at Obama’s record up to this point that maybe his approval rating is just a little too high? How many of you feel as though Obama is in touch with his constituents?

All things being equal we need to have an assessment of what he’s done, if anything, that’s been good for the nation. I would like to interject that the basic mathematical operations performed by Committees, Advisors, as well as other interested parties, were performed in error regarding the true amount that Americans will have to pay for this healthcare bill a.k.a. Obamacare.

Ladies and gentlemen we are representing to you that the mathematical operations performed and hitherto became a bargaining point for those interested in universal health care were off by close to a trillion dollars? Interestingly enough we thought we just plain ask: If you knew back during the healthcare fiasco that the entire plan was going to cost almost one trillion dollars more than expected; moreover, you were suspicious of the original accounting methods, how many of you would still wanted Obamacare?

And now as Barack Obama commences on a campaign tour through the precise states the Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and Tea Party members did for competitive nomination rights how many of you know that the U.S. taxpayer is flipping the bill for it? This is not status quo; this is thievery and gross neglect of his responsibilities as POTUS.

After his successful campaigning for the 2008 Election for President, Barack Obama has never been a “people’s president,” by any stretch of one’s imagination. Just prior to the November 2010 mid-term elections Barack Obama began to lose respect of his own party members. Moreover, he opened his eyes and realized “Hey where is my Public Opinion policy?” Therefore in a mad dash to get some Hollywood and Manhattan cronies on board at very expensive fundraisers he pleads with those in attendance.

“These people…[American people the public] They look at what’s happening in Washington and they think these folks are really from outer space because they don’t seem to understand how critical it is for us all to work together, Republicans, Democrats, independents, in order to move this country forward,” Obama said.

“You’ve got to tell them you’ve had enough of the theatrics, you’ve had enough of the politics, stop sending out press releases. Start passing some bills that we all know will help the economy right now,” he said. “That’s what they need to do. They’ve got to hear from you.” “Fault” or “Out” shouts the line judge at Wimbledon! Why must they hear it from these people? What’s wrong with your voice?

He is a remarkable campaigner, but we need a president that will act; and dare we say, honestly, morally, ethically, and stop looking for backdoor ways for amnesty and Obamacare.

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