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Am I a Leader, a Follower, or am I the Church Mouse?

As for me, I suspect a lot of leadership, management, and having broad-minded traits are really those qualities that one is born with and waiting simply for some significant other to intervene and begin to bring to fruition as we go through the various stages of life. It just seems to me that there are far too many character, motivational, and learning skills that one must come to understand to be an effective leader.

In addition, it is imperative that one has a good and accurate knowledge of one’s self and to be able to take criticism. Yet, and certainly we all know them – there are going to be people within our sphere of influence – that will always look to my errors or differences and comment either derogatorily or condescendingly in order to make themselves look more qualified than us.

This is why as a good leader it is imperative to know those individuals who we work with, and be willing to look out for their welfare in an open, honest, and inspiring way. Being honest allows for trust to develop in sincerity whilst maintaining integrity. In all openness I try to show a level of competence that is both objective and always ready for the suggestions and rants of others.

“There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a good leader to be as good as a follower.”

I believe that it is tantamount for the success of any project to be as informative as possible. Moreover, I have no difficulty with the ethics I’ve learned over the years; however, it is also a must that these are understood to be mine insofar as everyone will know me better and see the framework in which I perform.

Being a leader is not easy; when one takes on the position of illustrating competence, intelligence, whilst at the same time maintaining some sense of humor and imagination, one could imagine that grasping the finer and more constructive parts of leadership indeed could take a lifetime, always remembering that no one ever said that being a leader was easy.

Participatory (democratic form) leadership styles have worked best for me insofar as helping others learn through teaching, training, and rewarding them commands a reciprocal agreement with those we work with. This creates an exciting place to work and learn. Never miss an opportunity to teach or learn something new yourself. In other words “Let’s work together to solve this…”

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