Amnesty…or To Lazy to Deal with It..?

I really have been struggling with this notion for some time now. Yeah, I could sit here and type how messed up Barack Obama is regarding the most important issues we face as a nation, and his utter lack of either doing anything at all, or messing it up more. This is the one time I can say, this is my business!

I realize that this sounds calloused and I apologize; however, it would be a bigger problem if through his nonsensical antics with illegal aliens and amnesty really affected my life–like say, Mr. Illegal Alien got into a head on collision with one of my family and killed them.

Mega-problem! You see, America is becoming one big rationalization after another. So Barack Obama decides he’s above the law or somehow exempt from it and goes and continues to make one lousy decision after another. As he continues catering to special interest groups sure he’ll make history – bit is that the kind of history and legacy one wants to leave?

The People of the United States of America have spoken Mr. and Mrs. Senator; so please STOP amending that stupid excuse for an Immigration Bill. What is it with you already? Your bill writing is worse than your decision-making, if that’s possible.


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