Post a Day and Post a Week participants, how are you and your blog doing?”

And yes ladies and gentlemen, this was the inspiration I needed to see just prior to blazing these keys for tonight. So it’s 10:14 PM here where I am and I believe that London’s currently 5 to 6 hours ahead of the eastern seaboard so this is being posted on August 31, 2011.

But first a couple of answers for Erica Johnson, no doubt a gifted writer; moreover, a wonderful friend to have (or at least I’m told). Sooner or later someone is about to ask from The Daily Post:

“So, Post a Day and Post a Week participants, how are you and your blog doing?”
Tell us, when did you start doing Post a Day/Week, and what have you enjoyed most about it so far?”

Yet as much as I’d love to address those two questions, I would like to share my last seven days with you, I think it will help me take an edge off, if you know what I mean.

Okay so today I’m reading an article in The Economist about did the press go too far with their build-up and brouhaha about Hurricane Irene. Well all in all I found the article a tad insensitive and I think that any quick-smart writer with say…300 words could have done better.

Meteorologists’ were trying for well over a week to track, study, make sense of, an object that could possibly cover about one-fifth or a quarter of the land mass of the continental United States. Hurricane was like 400 miles abreast and rotating slowly at first on the outer bands of wind, rain, snow, and perhaps a cow or two; not to be outdone as one moves into the center.

Now far be it from me but I was one of those people who might get a little something off of the trailing side of the rotating winds; maybe some rain, but just a little. With the highest tech Doppler equipment and 3D photographic images, heck even shots from outer space I spent the last week or so without any power.

Sounds so precocious; however, my dear friends do you remember the “Butter…Margarine…Butter…Margarine, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature [lightning and thunder in the background]! Did this writer have a clue that the intense portion of this particular hurricane was on the outer whipping bands?

First it took a day to get all the neighbors together with their chainsaws and really go to town straight in the middle of the street. You’d a thought we were heroes with all of the hoopla for clearing one road out. Yet it did serve to stimulate others into wanting to contribute…let’s say that again: Wanting to contribute in their neighborhoods literally moving branches the size of big trucks off the soccer fields.

Then in the evenings talk about table fellowship! Most of our meals were eaten delightfully cold except when those who had generators got their grills a going and there were times when you didn’t feel inconvenienced at all.

All if took was a little something we’ve missed in our nation – leading by example, believe me it is contagious. Oh yeah, Post-a-Day for me is going magnificently. I do write for four additional blog owners so I’m usually hitting the keys later than I’d prefer; however it gives me quite a bit of time to communicate with others and get an entire news day.

How is it going for me? Well insofar as I started about two months ago and never missed a day…my average took a beating this last week.


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