Colonization v Immigration, not so pretty

Another thing that we are all going to have to get honest about is that America’s history of immigration is not entirely a pretty picture, that is, not something we should use as a precedent.

There is the fact, for example, that 1/3 of all the immigrants who came to America between the Revolution and 1965 went back. Whilst reasons remain to a degree unclear, one must consider the Great Depression, two major World Wars, as well as the notion of upward mobility.

Only the Irish and the Jews failed to return home in significant numbers. Given that people generally came to this country because of intolerable conditions in Europe, this implies that they found life here, whether in the teeming slums of New York or the freezing prairies of North Dakota, even worse.

There is also the fact that — how can one put this politely — there is a reason why even that arch-romanticize of immigration Emma Lazarus referred to immigrants as “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore” in her famous poem. Thank you again for reading…and we hope you enjoyed it!

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