Please Address the Clues and Hints

Okay a different course of action for this post. We will be putting some sentences together in good order; furthermore, what we are doing is putting a definition of a word(s) together. We would love it if you’d try and come up with the answer to what is being described.

Allowing economy to operate without government control; allow companies and the economy to operate without government control. Other word(s) include: Lenient, Accommodating, or lackadaisical.

The policy of allowing companies and the economy to operate without government control; moreover, this includes not getting involved in other people’s activities.

Other very descriptive hints are: The principle that the economy works best if private industry is not regulated and markets are free. Still more great clues and tips to this policy or standard: Independent, self-directed, self-ruling, self-governing, self-sufficient.

Again all of these sentences, hints, clue words are describing in precise detail albeit a standard, mixed standards, standards of operation, or even judicial proceedings.

(If push comes to shove if you’d like to check your answer, or if you give up and still need to know the word(s) are written on this home page.

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