What do You Think is the most destructive force to mankind

I believe that a lot of this suggestion for an article, “What do you (I) Think is the most destructive force to mankind can be the most interesting discussion known. Let the intrigue begin! It seems that this could be a very allusive type of question insofar as there are so many things which have come to be known to us through the advancements in technology and subsequently, information.

Who is to say that a 9+ rating on the Richter Scale out in the darkness of night that created multiple aftershocks and one primary tsunami that slammed into a nuclear power plant literally effecting everything on, over, around, and near the Japanese Islands couldn’t be the most destructive force known to humankind?

Just for the sake of economy of style, is it possible that the answer to this dilemmamight be as subjective as within the experience of the person who endures natural catastrophes? All one need to do is reflect on what has happened in America in just the past year and our discussion of destructive forces might get loud.

Therefore I humbly submit to whoever reads this post what is worse between being flooded with mountains of unrestrained waters literally clearing everything in its path. Did I mention deep water? Very recently in the states of Texas and Louisiana the flooding literally removed houses; furthermore, if one were lucky enough the mud may only be four to six feet high. Now can we compare tsunamis and floods, along with devastating tornadoes and hurricanes? Let’s not leave out wild fires that are out of control and burning relentlessly.

As for me I have long believed wholeheartedly that the most destructive force to humankind – is without question humankind itself. Humans are the only animals on the planet that will create a problem for itself without the slightest bit of forethought pursuant to the consequences of their actions. Case and point: Are you aware that the first nuclear bomb test was conducted without the knowledge of whether or not the process known as fission would stop? Humankind was ready to annihilate its own existence on the whim of being the first.

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