And they continue to get away with it…

In 1916 the renowned educator John Dewey described a democratic society as one in which all of its members are able to share its benefits on equal terms. Although better, nearly one hundred years later many persons of color, limited English speakers, women, persons with disabilities, gays and lesbians, persons of low incomes, and persons affiliated with religions other than Protestantism have still not experienced equality with members of the “Dominant Group.”

We are of the opinion that there was a time in American history where schools and other educational facilities provided an example of an institution in which power relationships have been developed and maintained. However, if anyone was lucky enough to see any news from June 6, 2011 whereby through recorded media, a student had cornered the teacher in a narrow doorway and whilst yelling at the teacher, he then touched her enough to cause a violent and rather brutal ‘beat-back’ from the teacher.

This is one clear – unobstructed vision – example of how various things have changed in America, starting within the public school Establishment. One needed to listen or read carefully, but this teacher prior to being terminated (within hours) had worked for the same school or district for 24-years and last year was voted “Teacher of the Year” by the students of the school.

In this ugly, grotesquely pitiful scene within the classroom – had it not been for a bright student going for the video on her cell phone – this teacher may still be unemployed. However, if we remember the conspiracy of ignorance – or the dummying down of America, this unruly, obviously under the influence student would continue to be the disruptive, negligent bump on a log that he or she remains.

Unfortunately, if you were able to see this video (it’s on YouTube now) it was the almost chanting and rallying of the other students that exemplifies how well the Establishment though starting within the education arena have managed to penetrate the judgment and homes of America’s youth.

Duh…almost forgot! The teacher said, “After 24 years in education I believe I have earned the trust of every student who has even heard of me…and I’ve always stated; the day some kid, child, student raised a hand on me, I was going to bust em’ up.”


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