List five things you love about your culture

You know it is an rather odd thing in America, especially when discussing or trying to describe what are those cultural elements that I care about — Albeit specific too America – whew it’s an exciting enterprise. Allow me to share just a bit. Years ago whilst at university in walked the overly rotund, yet not at all unattractive female professor with a bit of an attitude.

She – let’s refer to her as Prof. Brooke – had just finished up her PhD defense and was the brand new recipient of the title of Dr. Brooke. My gosh! You know those kinds of people who know literally everything? It didn’t matter what anyone, particularly students, had to say or even offer for that matter before she was in ridiculing every word some young student, whilst wanting to learn, would get shot down by this lady brutally.

Well on one day Prof. Brooke lumbered into our arena for learning and promptly stated whilst writing at the chalkboard, “What Culture does America have?” Her instructions were to break into cooperative learning groups and mull things around until we had come up with an answer that was presentable.

So my mate, Larry, and I just turned our chairs around and gave this issue a real go at the same time being joined by three other females who normally gathered as “Group W” during our time together.

In as much as I am called upon to identify five cultural items that I like and give a spill about each it is tantamount that I at least set up where my posture was coming from; are you with me?

Coca Cola is one of the made in America specific things I enjoy. As it happens a pharmacist named Dr. Pemberton made it quite by accident really – this was found out when copyrights, patent-pending and registration rights became necessary and old Mr. Pemberton was having a difficult time putting the formula to paper.

Although having its roots embedded in the British game of Croquet and then through Cricket, Abner Doubleday did a fine job of putting together Major League Baseball as we know it today. As well as I guess the combination between Football and Rugby and the uniquely marked fields created what is now referred to as the National Football League.

Now as for me – I enjoy being able to say what I want to when I have need of the moment – in addition the freedom that has been bestowed on us through the governing documents of our nation in particular, the freedom of expression (speech) and for me the ability to freely choose what religion I subscribe to are without question the final two issues that are uniquely American.

I wish it was so easy with “Group W” and my days at university. The very first utterance of culture that came out of that group was that American culture could easily be recognized by describing what a Quarter-pounder with cheese and of course some of” Mickie D’s” 3/8ths cut French fries to go; something by the way Prof. Brooke stated was off limits.

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