If you could banish any one person from your life who would it be? Why?

What an awesome topic to write on; compliments of the great folks at Word Press who always leave some interesting suggestions at posting time. We know they’ve done their research; we think it is at publishing time when we see the lists because one is still in the head space for writing.

This question was so easy for me I’ve intentionally waited and procrastinated all the while wondering if it would be right or wrong. The whilst reading my favorite book, The Bible, I came across several different areas of scripture where it states, “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; When he closes his lips, he is counted as prudent (Pro. 17:28 NASB).

Now of course this line of reasoning I am reminded that “abandon a quarrel before it starts…” or even expose those who…” until finally I get to reading where it states that there are those things which are contrary or opposite to what God wants, and for those things in particular we are to be “done with them.”

Well as for me Barrack Hussein Obama the current POTUS is that person in my life that I would love to banish! When this person is silent he is considered wise and discerning; however, when he opens his mouth to speak, nothing but lie after lie, story after story, and ridiculous things that personally, I can’t stand.

And what have we been seeing more and more of this year? The hideousness of this action is that we can hear him speak, just about daily because Obama uses public entities to re-campaign. So I ask you: What have you heard that is absurd from this man?

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