Hollyweird Nitwit…or Political Buffoon…

We are of the unwavering position that those who speak against The National Tea Party have a different agenda. As we research the money bank rollers, the founders, and to the very mission statement, we openly admit that there isn’t anything that would suggest the remotest activity of dishonesty. Everything is above reproach; moreover, they continue to hold fast to those issues that their constituents want and therefore vote the same ways in return.

The Tea Party is one of those “new kids on the block” that just want a government that will stop cheating, ripping off, and outright stealing from them. The Tea Party detests “Congressional gridlock” as much as anyone in politics – however where they are different is that they can live by it.

If there is just one thing that I’ve learned from watching the Tea Party is that if you don’t have it…doesn’t try to borrow, steal, or speak politically correct to try and get it. Obama wants 1.6 billion dollars for some energy project; so…the House of Representatives asked him to procure the funds by trimming some porkulus or discretionary spending which the skies’ the limit.

Goodness gracious gang…read Sunday’s article regarding the amounts of money swirling down the proverbial toilet bowl! America is still the wealthiest nation on earth – as long as we policed our check drawers and signatories. Just last night we viewed a program that showed how the Social Security Administration has been printing hundreds of millions of dollars for deceased people!

Now then…rather than be a Hollyweird nitwit or a political buffoon try listening to the Tea Party, hell your local news, for information leading to where and over-abundance has and continues to be lost!

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