What makes a person beautiful?

As I started preparing for this article what jumped out at me was it almost seems like a cultural norm in America that people are literally raised, taught, and coached to implicitly state how, where, and why an individual is not beautiful!

All one needs to do is look at the main-stream media; albeit, newspapers, especially magazines, whilst the television media is having a heyday with how ‘not’ to look or the exact opposite, how to look. As for me I’ve always been a fish that swims against currents and other fish or your basic go against the tide type of person that would much rather focus on what it actually is that makes a person beautiful.

It is my perspective; moreover, I further believe that everyone (yes, including that person) has a combination of various traits that draws out their beauty. So without further adieu an authentic, self-assured person to me is gorgeous.

It doesn’t matter whatsoever the gender of the individual. If one elects to keep themselves fit and in shape that can tell you more about that particular person than a whole lot of talking! We’ve all seen the type of beauty where immediately upon leaving the gym or spa if a person does the 360 degree thing in the window literally checking themselves out after the workout I have no problem deciphering that the person is not beautiful but conceited, vain, and a little too into themselves.

Of course with that last statement many, many traits can naturally be acquired when asking if a person is sexy, sensual, and attractive or if they’re insecure, my way, and screw you types. Is there anyone who objects or sees these issues in a different light?

A beautiful person is one of those people who “doesn’t need a reason” to do senseless acts of kindness for other folks. As a matter of fact that is who and what they are. Therefore a person who sees to the condition of others rather than just themselves is a walking and talking beautiful person, who is authentic in their way, self-assured, and confident, and always displaying their own unique brand of advertising that we refer to as smiling is perhaps the most unique and beautiful person on earth.


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