Excerpts and learning “Code”

As for me and what directions I’ve read and please anyone if you are reading this now or whenever, if you could take a bit of your time and assist me I will be forever grateful.

Now the directions say that this white paper (editing window) should only start being used as “the rest” of one’s writing. Prior to that it states — however unclear — that the user should construct a summary of what the post is about in 55 words or less and write that portion in the editor’s window just directly beneath where I’m typing now.

I have done that operation. The it says to place the “More” tag wherever the distinction is made to have an excerpt; therefore, if I wanted one at the top of this article I would place the tag above where the writing begins.

I do wish to state that I have been to the newly written material found in the Forum’s about excerpts and although it proved helpful, I’m just not at the point yet.

I just placed the “More” tag where I wanted it; furthermore, as mentioned earlier I have already written the part to be excerpted and now after a few tags I will try to publish a complete writing. See you on the other side…

Dammit! I’ve failed again…what is it that I’m missing?

I am not all together certain if I have the necessary energy right now to go on about the business of trying to make an excerpt. So that means I’ll try.

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