America, European and Christian origins

Invariably, the question boils down to this:

Why should we care if white Americans become a minority? America, others remind me, assimilated the immigrants of a century ago – Italians, Poles, Jews, Slavs – and we can do the same with people’s from the Third World. And perhaps they are right. Perhaps the year 2050 will see an America as united as the America of Dwight Eisenhower and JFK. Yet there are reasons to worry.

First, the great American Melting Pot has been rejected by our elites as cultural genocide, in favor of a multiculturalism that is failing in Europe. Second, what we are attempting has no precedent in human history. In other words, it’s never been done!

We are attempting to convert a republic, European and Christian in its origins and character, into an egalitarian democracy of all the races, religions, cultures and tribes of planet Earth which quite openly is as foreign to them as anything else.

By republic we mean an entity that parts of its political system that has elected individuals that represent others to represent them and exercise power for them in government; a group of people who are considered to be equals and who have a collective interest, objective, or vocation

We are turning America into a gargantuan replica of the U.N. General Assembly, a continental conclave of the most disparate and diverse people’s in all of history, who will have no common faith, no common moral code, no common language and no common culture.

What, then, will hold us together? A Constitution over whose meaning we have fought for 50 years? Moreover, whose original intention as well as meaning is lost to exceedingly more and more people because judges legislate from their benches? Because with each wave of immigrants comes the hastily reckless disregard for what once was?

In 1924, the United States declared a timeout on all immigration. But for almost half a century since 1965, there has been no timeout. One to 2 million more immigrants, legal and illegal, arrive every year.

Where the old immigrants all came from Europe, the new are overwhelmingly people of color. But America has never had the same success in assimilating peoples of color.

The Indians we fought for centuries live on reservations. And if we did not succeed with a few million Native Americans, what makes us think we will succeed in assimilating 135 million Hispanics who will be here in 2050, scores of millions of Indian ancestry?

Ought we not first solve the problem of fully integrating people of color, before bringing in tens of millions more? Another factor is faith. After several generations, Catholics and Jews melded with the Protestant majority. But Muslims come from a civilization that has never accepted Christian equality.

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