Name a musical artist or group that you’d enjoy performing with

 Wow, this is a touch one. I mean it’s not quite like who do you like better between your Mom and Dad; that decision cowers in comparison to this one.

Yet, I just received a “spark;” that what I call it when my minds makes the hemispheric leap from the right hemisphere to the left, therefore, allowing me to view something from a different perspective. So here I am having a bit of a tussle of just who I like to plug-in with and jam. Whew! How does one stop the endless flow of great musicians?

 Well I needed some quality time so I went and stared the weekly classic, The New York Times’ Crossword Puzzle, while at the same time alternating between my classical and electric guitars. After the brain massage through the puzzle, and pure stimulation from the various artists I would die to perform with —Wham! That’s when the entire notion of today’s topic sparked like it blew a gasket.

So putting down the electric guitar and rereading the topic sentence, Name a musical artist or group that You’d (I’d) enjoy performing with, and being just a bit picky, I wondered why an artist or group when it could just as easily be an artist and group. Although the title is worded the way it is I’ve settled on these three.

The first maestro that I’d love to perform with is Carlos Santana a.k.a. Santana. It is all about his musical phrasing and passion behind each note. Santana is one musician who is cemented in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also the kind of master who could bill some venue every night of the week and play without pushing who he is or what he’s done.

 In other words Carlos does not need to show off or put pentatonic scales together at commonly called 64ths (screaming fast!). He is well above and beyond that “be better than the next guy” attitude because he already is and does it ever show-up in his playing. Santana although writing new music with various artists and producing them he is of the mind-set of an extremely experienced expert.

I would love to perform with Santana because I love the way he blends his scales – even modes – within a given song and it works! Furthermore, I’d love to play with Santana because he plays from the heart. His style is imbued in his sound which quite magically works for me as I get in touch with my own heart.

 The other group I’d love to perform with is the Allman Brothers Band. They have their own style of southern rock n’ roll and it happens to be if not the first…then certainly close to it. This band has always had it beautiful blends of acoustic guitars joined with electric guitars and multiple stringed instruments. And whether its Melissa or Statesboro Blues it would just be awesome performing with them.

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