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Extreme hot or extreme cold..?

Being born and raised on the west coast of America as well as spending copious amounts of time in Mexico, Central and South America, and carousing in the Caribbean mostly as a teenager and adult I’d have to say by nature or nurturing extreme hot is the way with me. Please don’t misunderstand me though; how do we define extreme?

 It is important to note that for everyplace that I mentioned already there has been perhaps an equal extreme in the different direction – very intensely cold. Albeit snow skiing, snowboarding or in fact living in severe cold weather does not produce the same degree of excessiveness, as for me it definitely creates more discomfort.

I have survived in some excessive weather conditions; subsequently, for me to make a judgment would most likely involve the other conditions which added on to the extreme weather circumstances would make for far more discomfort. When one thinks about it would they rather be on a mountain top at sub-zero temperatures with wind howling around 50 miles per hour or even faster? Anything that has the power to make me miserable wondering if I’ll fly away is not conducive to my lifestyle.

Having stated that I have also been in situations where it got so bleeping hot that after work – while not wanting to go outside – what could be worse than to reach your vehicle with a significant other and before the air conditioning even begins to cool the auto down, how about reaching for a CD and having it melt into your hands; actually I think smelt it is better word but the smell of flesh burning, the sound of flesh sizzling, and before being able to listen to some tunes with her, you’re spending the time in the emergency room having this sweltered CD cover removed from your hand!

 Well for that condition at least we were able to seek shelter in the air conditioned hospital whilst drinking freezing cold beverages to ease the pain. It seems to me that there exists more remedies for extreme hot than there does for being frozen in ice. Above is a frozen lighthouse.

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