Things that really make me ropeable!

Do you think that a nation’s leadership or lack thereof can influence the positive gains and/or negative results happening within the country?

For our post today we’ve decided to examine and analyze both those positive aspects as well as the negative outcomes in the last generation of American history. So unusually this day holds more distinction than most November 22, 2011 is the 48th anniversary of a nation witnessing their President getting his head blown off in broad daylight at precisely 12:31pm Dallas time.

But wait a minute we said a generation and that is 30 years; therefore, our example doesn’t meet the criteria. So let’s see…2011 -30 =1981. Let’s just look at some simpler things for now.

1981 was the first year of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Although the nation was fully prepared to accept another loser when considered against Richard Nixon, Gerald “Jerry” Ford, and James “Jimmy” Carter, however a long-time servant as the Governor of California even if he was bad what could he possibly do to further hurt the nation?

It’s interesting to note here that what we are comparing our data to happens to be one of those deep trenches on the Dow Jones graph, interest on Certificates of Deposit was 16.8% so the country needed money back then too, and coming out of a recession that rivaled the 1930s was no easy task.

Moreover, the very first official act by President Reagan was to lay-off (the only one of two organizations he could) anywhere between 163,000 and 210,000 air traffic controllers! And all airplanes ran on time without a waiting period on the tarmac. Oh yeah, the only other faction that the president can get involved with are the United Postal Workers.

The Reagan years were like being on a honeymoon, or so I’m told. It seemed that every aspect of America was firing on all 12 cylinders, very low unemployment, everyone was working and upward mobility was at a premium.

So what happens when one loses that tightly knit band of leadership? And worse still, what happens when the way of your life – religion, spirituality, interpersonal relationship, and the moral fiber as well your fortitude starts being smashed, char-broiled, and cast off with the lepers?

We are not the only folks in America who feel jaded, and lied too in some way. Living in this country with Barack Obama as president is really a spoof on Americanism and can make one a real hypocrite; that is how most of us feel every day.

This politician is ruining our country. We find he is a lying, manipulative, ego centric maniac who wants power and money. This ego maniac will spend America into the 4th world!

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