Why does corruption exist? Can it be stopped? What can bloggers do to help?

Examining the nature of corruption as well as the reasons for its existence, I do not believe that humankind will ever be free of some form of corruption. Corruption is manifest is many forms; consequently, the notion of stopping one person from being dishonest so they can profit from that dishonesty comes by well-rehearsed schemes.

In addition, doing something through extreme immorality or depravity is corruption; however, masking it as a different sort of human interaction is disgusting, mean spirited, and unprincipled. And it does get worse; making changes to documents or through language disrupting – an individual’s genuine attempt at acquiring knowledge is changed by people making undesirable changes in meaning or other errors introduced into a text during copying.

Throughout narratives of history all over the world has been literally distorted as well as sleazily dishonest. Therefore the notion of why does corruption exist is simply because humans exist; moreover, can it be stopped – in the fruitfulness of its entirety, I believe that “No” it cannot be totally stopped.

However, with morally inept bloggers who use their given talents to make sure to include anything of reproach simply by writing and finding ways to submit deterrents of fraud, dishonesty, vice, distortion of facts, and uttering lies for personal gain, I believe could make a huge dent in the amount of corruption that goes on.

Unfortunately we live in an American society that has turned a blind eye more or less condoning corruption from sliding Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and all the way up to the very top leadership. Bloggers must encourage integrity to their readers, as well as dignity showing humankind that it can be vogue even exposing people who rob others.


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