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We continue in America to argue over the immigration situation – neither side willing to give ground to find some way to solve the issue, or even move forward in attempting to solve the issue. So, time for some thinking outside the box somewhat. Here’s my thinking on the issue of immigration reform. Excuse?

First of all let’s consider the principle of freedom. Freedom infers that each person has the right to take actions as they choose that are not, in any way, harmful or violent to another individual. Carry that thought a step farther it would also not be harmful or violent towards society as a whole. This is “freedom” as associated with those who subscribe to an Open Borders ideolgy.

Using that thought of freedom then one could ask “why control immigration?” If the basic truth of freedom is that we each follow the path of our choosing, without harming others, then there is no need for any immigration control. To control immigration is to impose a restriction of freedom upon individuals. Yet, our national society believes in controlling those who enter the nation for the sake of the security of the nation, regardless of the loss of freedom to individuals. This is of course based on the notion that as one gains freedom that’s it. Whereas in real life, as one gains freedom it is at the cost to another.

I am not altogether certain that this is a reason; it appears much more like an excuse re: Democrats v. Republicans and who’s going to give in first.

 Justification: Many states have taken immigration matters into their own hands insofar as the federal government and the President have declared the, “…the federal government is ineffective in matters of illegal immigration…”

 I find it very amusing this notion as stated by the President of the United States.  “Immigration is not a matter for the executive branch of government – the responsibility of Naturalization and Immigration rests solely with the legislative branch, or Congress.

Just as a brief sidebar I’d like to mention that many, many special interest and advocacy groups are now receiving entitlements that the USA could sure use; moreover, to equip these aforementioned groups with funding this notion alone rears an ugly head of unintended consequences insofar as they get far too much in liberties wherein they begin to control members of Congress and in this writing, far too much power regarding Election day 2012. Or in other words, Barack Obama is really catering to Hispanics, Latino’s, and the youth vote for reelection.

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