Occupy as a “Movement”

This article is simply about our impressions based on various and sundry empirical evidence that we’ve pulled together so as to inform us as to what is really going on. These Occupiers seem so committed – therefore originally we thought “hum, it looks like someone wants to exercise their rights…”

Then with their tent-cities and internet communiqués, we backed up and said, “Well maybe they are on to something perhaps we should have a closer more intimate look.” And right then we went from civil rights activists of the 1960s and got our gear together and each of us spread out to a different locale. The following is our impressions; albeit, good, bad or indifferent these are the observations that we, after considerable time, have come up with and have decided to share with you.

This is certainly not one of those issues that we would encourage anyone to be associated with – what so ever. Indeed we state this because there doesn’t to us – at least appear to be any just cause. Many could and we believe that many would take issue with our assertion of lacking a just cause. Whether or not one wants to argue this point – only goes to show just how right we are in our assessment.

When one thinks of Occupying Wall Street what is it that immediately comes to one’s mind? Yes, this is problematic – the notion that thousands of people ranging in all age demographics trying to convince anyone that there exists a 99 percent of have-nots and 1 percent of haves is unconscionable. Furthermore, in the hours, days, and weeks we put in there has been an almost 360° turnaround in disparagement winding up in far different language and thus, entirely different meanings.

This assessment is exhaustive and will take about three to four installments; therefore, we have decided to keep each one short hoping that you’ll have insights to assist us whilst we report these findings.

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