The best, brightest, and most beautiful breakfast of all time

Sometimes, yet not all the time mind you, a person should spend a little extra, forebode one’ self in decadence, and be with that very special significant other. This is precisely how I would describe the best and the brightest breakfast I’ve ever ventured into without the aid of fantasy.

I’ve got to admit it that in consideration of everything there is to eat in the morning – I just admit that I am by far an incurable Eggs Benedict person. Preferably I normally enjoy my Eggs Benedict down in the marina or somehow close to the boats. I don’t know, maybe it’s the ocean smell or the briskness of sunrise; it could even be the sight of the masts moving back and forth and up and down. As for me everything is just a bit more serene living in a marina.

But to be the best, brightest, and most beautiful breakfast of all time well, I guess I can open up a bit and share with you folks how I roll. This particular breakfast was eaten after a night full of anticipation that one can only experience in participating in a raging evening the night before. High up I believe it was the top floor of the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, Australia, which is perhaps the most gorgeous natural harbor and therefore marina I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

So there we were surrounded by ceiling high glass that ran completely about the room with the exception of the entry particulars including the front door. In the Hilton Hotel in Sydney there is an exquisite 4-star restaurant called the San Francisco Grill, and is the domain of the friendliest chef and of course we had set up everything the day before. It would be a sacrilege to consume my breakfast without the crème de la crème chef preparing the Eggs Benedict with a Hollandaise sauce one would kill for the recipe.

Somehow Jacques, our chef, had recently returned from his trek bringing with him extraordinary accompaniments such as Mesquite wood, sun dried tomatoes, and lovely long green onions.

One must remember that Hollandaise sauce is an emulsion of eggs and butter that must be blended at just the right temperature, of course, warm enough to melt the butter, yet cool enough so as not to scramble the eggs. And without question a pure lemon sauce as well as Cayenne pepper so that when prepared properly and professionally, there remains a zest to the sauce.

Served on two open faced crumpets or English muffins one has queued the now sizzling Canadian bacon over the Mesquite wood whilst poaching two perfect eggs to be placed on top with savory green onion or finely chopped chives more as a decoration to complete the dish. The same is indeed true for the sun-dried tomatoes, unless they are sitting in freshly sliced juicy tomatoes.

So that just about wraps up the most exquisite breakfast I could only hope for. Just about as we were exiting the shower together there was a knocking at the hotel door – the sound literally scared my significant other – yet how else does one open the door to magnificent room service?

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