New Year’s Resolution Club

We are not the sort of folks who wait until the very last minute to make our New Year’s resolution now are we? I’m almost chuckling so hard that, if only for a moment, I had to remove my hands from the keyboard. In all reality I’ve never met a person – and I include myself as #1 in the esteemed New Year’s Resolution Club made on January 1st of any new year.

Everyone I know and many that I don’t have failed because they have lacked proper planning. Let’s say you want to quit smoking cigarettes. Then the crystal ball drops on Manhattan Island deep inside Times’ Square then and only then we make the call (no doubt somewhere between the butterflies of kisses and the incalculable intoxicants) of “Oh, I resolve to quit smoking!” And maybe you do…

It’s really like someone who smokes two packs a day saying, “Oh I quit smoking 21 times per day when I’m done, of course.” However if that person were really serious then setting procedures, goals, and measuring your feedback from those goals is an absolute must. Now it all depends on whose language one’s going to use; notwithstanding, that even if the words are different the implied meaning is the same.

So a brief look back for some ideas: planning, procedures, goals, and what type of feedback will we use to monitor ourselves? I would just about go on record and guarantee that if a person followed these steps precisely they’d overcome the disgusting habit as well.

Let’s say that your time and resources are available. What we mean about planning is just that – on this date, I intend to quit smoking; and as such I’m going to never go back to that habit! Now is the best time for a little prayer if you’re so moved…”God please help me to quit smoking; we both know that I’m the weakest human being alive, therefore, I really need your help. Please Lord, when I quit, it would really help if you could make cigarette smoke the ugliest stench ever – yes, worse than death and decomposing bodies, worse than an overly ripe outhouse…let me lean on you.”

Well you may not realize it at the time but you’ve already established several important factors. You’ve already started planning, you’ve stated your procedures, and you’ve also asked for some assistance. Good start.

From this point forth one should collect everything from medical literature on what the effects of smoking are and what they are doing to you. Just think about what they’re doing for you – every time you get a cold or upper respiratory infection (which is at least 10 times as much as your counterpart non-smoker) there is always that “little secret” that you carry with you regardless of where you are.

Dexter would call it his “hidden dark passenger” but for us and for now we’ll just call it the most bodacious phlegm ball known to humankind. And we all know that if you cough, you’d better be well covered — like in a shower liner – because when you cough you and we don’t want that little dark passenger hurling through the air without intended directions as to where it will land and attach itself too.

Call it a documentation rush; get everything published involved with smoking – you’re going to need it. No…not for your shelves but for all of us to read it. Try and get into a support group so that when you bitch, it’s with someone else going through the same thing and not a significant other or loved one.

You should plan on loving baby carrots for about 3 to 6 months and candy in every pocket is encouraged – like coming home from Halloween night daily!

The two most important things that you need are commitment and the effort to stay to your word. Anyone can do it.

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