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We sympathize and feel for the public here in the United States as well as the world over regarding the amount of good solid information received – not only the truth of information, but its reliability and validity. Sure we all have our favorites; albeit talk radio, cable news programs or the ostensible don’t have to answer to nobody “main-stream media.” Or so they act.

So then, what’s the remedy? We either listen to the news that has a fully dressed liberal agenda, or for some, we have the right-sided too soon to be Nazi’s and terrorists so don’t listen to Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh. So then again, what’s the remedy?

The remedy folks are twofold; on the one side keep looking until you find the right medium for you – or simply get involved and speak up! Although there are literally thousands, perhaps millions that want citizenship in this country, the notion of tearing down the United States as your means of speaking out is ridiculous and in earlier times would certainly have fallen into one of the Sedition Acts.

We have written about the “Occupy” movement and anyone particularly those who have participated in one or more, please comment or email us here with your thoughts.

As we’ve reported before we’ve had our experience with some; and I don’t take this lightly, but anyone who wants to speak with me or enlist me or whatever, should know the ins and outs of economics, economic systems, political alignments, and how using those alignments within a political structure somehow makes a government.

But for now let’s just keep it simple and try to engage in a dialog. First what are the differences between the top three political systems on the earth today? Good. The big three would certainly be capitalism, socialism, and communism. Maybe we should look to the assets or reasons why people would want either of them.

We must remember that given socialism (or socialistic quasi-democracy) very much like the governments in Europe the citizenry owns basically nothing or, in other words, the means of production (tractors, trucks, cranes) are all owned by the government. Ergo, it would be very hard to differentiate between whether or not the socialist government owns you as well.

Therefore, when you see Qantas Airlines, or Air Australia, or Virgin Australia one must remember that those entities are literally owned by the government. Moreover, the various costs associated with keeping the fleet flying are up to the government as well which notwithstanding are a direct proportion of the faire.

Socialist systems do not allow for a “freedom to vote” situation either. Oh no, they want everyone (by law) who claims residence in their territory to vote. Say what? Yep, gives accountability to raise taxes. Or….did you know or think it’s normal to pay $1.00 per postage stamp?

Socialist systems do work albeit mostly for very small countries or those with very little population. Communism is flat out digging deeper in the shee-it looking for that proverbial pony. Communism takes the means of production, paycheck, house, stove, and cars if need be; furthermore, within that political-economic alignment if the “One” at the top of the heap (the justified 1%) calls for a cultural revolution then everything within the country belongs to that totalitarian – dictator.

Now if a person loathes freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness then they can always go to a controlling country and its people in a very strict way, without allowing opposition from another political party.

In other words one does not have an option of anything. If one decides to leave of their own accord without the blessing of the ruling authority then leaving turns abruptly into defecting. Therefore, one becomes an enemy of the state. So here’s the deal: If you don’t like having an opportunity in your life for fun, being happy, making money, going wherever you please and whenever you want, then please don’t hate America, simply go to any number of smaller nations in Africa, North Korea, or China.

We say this insofar as a person or a group of people can contribute very little money and yet, still have a chance at winning the “Big One”…the lottery.

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