Return to American Exceptionalism

Throughout the many demanding days and arduous nights of seeking the “American Dream” the notion and practice of reflection has helped so many of us enjoy the laborious and grueling demands engaged in the pursuit of the most sought after dream in history. Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why humankind spends so much time at work, so little time at play, while trying to squeeze sleep somewhere in the mix.

I can remember during my intermediate school days when performing in a band, inclusive of band practice, competing in local Pop Warner football and other sports, and just like any other tween’ of the time trying to work – to be sure my family did well enough and didn’t need my meager earnings as a busboy in a coffee shop, so it was kind of cool being one of the kids who had a little spending cash.

If anything in our nation has changed it would have to be “that generation” that became the beneficiaries of entitlements. Seasonal work is what they desired, and for some it was the best and most appropriate thing to do. Seasonal work for this endeavor could easily be defined as whatever the season – NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, Ski resorts, beach assistance working as a part time lifeguard or working the head shops that ostensibly for some reason or another lined the streets of the shore.

The irony and reasons kids would lie about their age, parental support, or whatever just to land seasonal work was of course the desire for money; moreover, respect just seemed to come along with the person who seemingly gave something up to enter the workforce at an earlier age.

One reason that kids opted for seasonal work, and I am positive about this notion, that if one were a “good worker” and did the job according to standards rather than “…we don’t need you anymore…” became “…could you stand a minimal lay off”? Ah ha! That is when one became entitled to apply and accept unemployment insurance.

Although there was a significant social stigma attached to collecting unemployment – something in the American mindset that one was getting something for nothing – just did not go down well with the established working class citizenry. Therefore, one did not go to the Unemployment Commission and file immediately.

Hey, we are addressing underclass students in high school with acne, zits, and trying to find a date to the after game party. Just reflecting on that time period it becomes so easy to see the differences now as opposed to then.

Does anyone really know what drives capitalism? Why is Mitt Romney taking so much heat and pure unadulterated rubbish for his pursuits with Bain

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Capital? Talk about exploiting some real rubbish – what facts most enemies don’t mention is the idea that he was persuaded to leave his position as CEO at Bain Company and with some of his own investment capital, other investors, and Mr. Bain decided to make the spin-off private investment capital company, Bain Capital.

How many of us sleep on Sealy mattresses? Or how many of us go out to Staples Office Products to get necessary office items? We have Mr. Romney to thank for that because it was his knowledge, energy, and competitive edge that brought those companies back from the dead.

Any way this is not about Mr. Romney or a political endorsement article. What is the driving influence behind capitalism? Competition is the major factor in driving capitalism to its greatest heights. One simply is not going to succeed at capitalism as long as competition is replaced with entitlements, huge onerous corporate bonuses, or by no means allowing any other nation to perform the work done by American companies.

The continued outsourcing of jobs to other nations is placing them at the center of capitalism, although they don’t know it. So why not cut ones leg off to spite his other broken knee? People it’s time to wake up!


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