President Obama takes religious concerns about his administration’s policy on health coverage for contraception “very seriously” but won’t back down from his insistence that all women have equal access, his spokesman said this afternoon.

“We are very sensitive and understand some of the concerns that have been expressed,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said. “The president takes those concerns very seriously.”

However, it is our position that all of this is pure unadulterated excrement. Yep, just like feces. With what the president is attempting to do is not only unpresidential, but his behavior of late lacks any semblance of scholarly or academic prowess whatsoever. President Barack Obama has officially hit what is referred to as “the wall” would be putting it mildly; he is a desperate man doing desperate things.

All things considered Barack Obama’s administration is vastly becoming authoritarian in all aspects. As long has he continues to have reckless disregard for matters that are determined unconstitutional and should be handled by congress, as well as his uncontrolled determination to follow our Founders’ blueprint for representative democracy.

This irresponsible person who currently holds the office of and title of President of the United States has been rash, careless, and out of control. There continues to be no recognition of the founding principle of separation of powers; moreover, on a whim Obama is issuing health care waivers to unions and other super political action committees (SPAC) to advance his agenda.

According to Carney, Obama remains “very aware of and engaged in this issue” as the administration seeks to allay the concerns expressed by religious institutions opposed to contraception. Carney said political attacks from Republicans were merely being noted.

“We’re not trying to win an argument here. We’re trying to implement a policy that will affect millions of women,” he said; at the expense of what? Completely bashing up the successful history of the United States’ rule of law? Trying ad nauseaum, to whittle out of every conceivable position that one holds and will not take attribution for?

Just two days ago, President Obama was blaming the Founding Fathers for not getting the Constitution right in his egotistical opinion. So seriously now we have a president who is blaming the very founders some 225 years ago? All things being equal we believe that considering the Supreme Court, Justice Department, Congress, as well as his constant waffling is concerned, we believe that Barack Obama needs to be investigated. If for nothing else than discrimination against non-muslims as well as legal residents.

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