What it is…ain’t exactly clear…

Hello “Friends of Critical Thought” or friends of The Thinker; today is a little different than most insofar as I am beginning to lose patience with Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Tony Perez, and the rest of the acting troupe that does not have our best interests at hand.

I believe that there is training and massive years of experience that can account for it; however, I am not even close to others’ I admire and can keep a cool head about themselves under the most of trying circumstances. And no! This is not one of those “No More Mr. Nice guy’s” type of written correspondence either.

However, I do believe that if there is anything that I am entitled to do that would be to exercise my 1st Amendment rights of free speech. I just completed an excellent work called Freedom for the Thought That We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment, and whoo-saa! This book is definitely on my most recommended list carrying with it the seal of “Must Reading” written by Anthony Lewis and published by Perseus Books.

This is why I can say with repose that more than any other people on earth, Americans are free to say and write what they think. It is clearly within the boundaries to criticize the White House or even to air the secrets of the bedroom with little fear of punishment.

Yet, now the freedom we take most assuredly for granted did not take hold when the First Amendment was added to the Constitution in 1791. It was more than a century later, in 1931, when the Supreme Court first enforced the Amendment to protect speakers and the press.

This is done artfully by Mr. Lewis, and if I may, just about every person I know, read about, or otherwise hates – with passion – any reading of the Colonial Era, history in general, or anything of the sort. In this book we are told the story of legal and political conflict, hard choices, and determined, sometimes eccentric Americans who led the legal system to realize one of America’s great founding ideas.

As much as the Founder’s and their supporters wanted too, these statesmen and citizens also realized that more than anything they had to demonstrate responsibility and good conscience.

And as such it concerns me deeply that our own elected officials, who are remunerated greatly for a service that should come far more easily to them.

Just for the sake that I do have free speech rights, then please hear me out. My distrust of our principle leadership in our nation is pitiful. I can openly say without difficulty that there isn’t anything about the executive branch of government – from Barack Obama and just about every person who is heading up a department within that branch, especially the Justice Department, Homeland Security, as well as Health and Human Services that I would have either of them on my left or right side during wartime battlefield conditions. From as far back as I can remember in our little hood a person’s fidelity, pride, and trust was measured by if we’d go to war with them.

Ladies and gentlemen I make no qualm about it – I would not share a foxhole with Barack Obama, much less Eric Holder, and especially Tony Perez. These individuals have yet to prove to me: one, that they have any original fight in them; two, why does it seem as though every time our nation takes a step forward, the resulting actions by these aforementioned people make sure that in reality, we’ve taken 5 steps backwards?

We say we would like something done about a completely defunct agency within our government – the Immigration and Naturalization Service and please why is it okay that to perform a criminal act suddenly now there is no criminal activity and the person becomes undocumented?

I want someone to explain to me why every one of us that want to operate a motor vehicle must have proof of insurance and a state issued driver’s license? Yet, when anyone says a thing about any one of these freeloaders who are preparing to what should be the single most cognitive privilege in government – Voting.

Please oh pulheez, explain to me why we need to back up our courts deciding whether or not the “simple” criminals should be deported first or at all, against the more egregious and heinous “severe” criminals. People get it together! Stop doing what you’re doing and by the will of the American people deport these people who are here illegally.

Remember the 1 step forward followed by the 5 steps backward analogy? Someone please tell me how and why the Justice Department and some of its various agencies like ATF, FBI, snitches, and insiders are allowed to knowingly and quite willingly set up gun running operations with drug cartels that literally run Mexico?

How is it that the United States Attorney General, who just happens to be in charge of all of it – when subpoenaed to bring some 80.000 documents relative to Operation Fast & Furious has taken over a year to selectively pass over approximately 7,000 of those documents which incidentally came from the White House?

Why is it even appropriate to refer to an organization within a Congressional circles the “Congressional Black Caucus” or how about the” Congressional Hispanic Caucus”?

The Reverend Al Sharpten was openly espousing his views on the legitimacy of a Voter ID. A real brouhaha over the notion that “…we’ve come a long way in the 50 years since the Voting Rights Act of 1965” simply implies a what if scenario. But what does all of that mean? Requiring a person to have some legal authorization for them to vote only supports the Act of 1965. Or would you rather a person who is not entitled to vote in a general election in the United States of America be given a special circumstance?

Word from our sources is that there appears to be several make-shift training facilities in Mexico and other Middle American countries. In other words people, we have a government that is supplying weapons to them and intelligence that either al-Qaeda or Hamas or some radical factions of operatives are training…for what?

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