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    After considerable information gathering and some ripping research we at American Age have decided to bring our knowledge, experience, and insight to the slipping of America's never-ending saga of lowering the bar of acceptable standards of conduct and decency. We believe that it's time for that proverbial 'line' to be drawn in the sand primarily with, but not limited to: Illegal Immigration, Sexual Orientation, (or whatever that is?) and Education.
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What’s going on in the main-stream media (MSM) other than bad choices…

If it is not now – than when is it? This article may not be the most well-received in the blogosphere and we are sorry for that. Even worse we are sorry that such typical (stereotypical) measures must be taken or made reference too.

Of course we are referring to race in one of the most advanced nations of the world. There are certainly other very-developed nations, perhaps more advanced than the USA who have seen and experienced far worst yet somehow the people deal with it.

In this country we believe that people – of the human race – perpetuate the fodder for what else than what can be construed as racism. We do not believe that the phenomenon is static or growing by any means. Consequently, by writing this article which most will tell you is taboo in America, we feel the need to write it and just to point out some instances in the news lately that we believe have tilted the balance far too much.

In our first example we have an eerie feeling about what the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office is doing regarding Whitney Houston’s death other than being hyper-politically correct. We mentioned this simply because Ms. Houston’s cause of death is not presented well. Here is the headline run at the Los Angeles Times: Whitney Houston died from drowning, coroner says.

The release of the autopsy findings ends weeks of speculation about what killed the Grammy-winning singer on Feb. 11 on the eve of the Grammy Awards. Houston was found submerged in the bathtub of her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and her death has been ruled as accidental. Several bottles of prescription medications were found in her hotel room, but coroner’s officials said they weren’t in excessive quantities. This is an untrue statement: the LACCO is still waiting on a full toxicology report that is weeks away from being released.

Coroner’s Chief of Operations Craig Harvey said cocaine and its byproducts were found in Houston’s system, and it was listed as a contributing factor in her death. He said the results indicated Houston was a chronic cocaine user. (See actual death certificate press release.)   

Toxicology results also showed Houston had marijuana, Xanax, the muscle relaxant Flexeril and the allergy medication Benadryl in her system. Houston died just hours before she was scheduled to appear at producer Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards bash.

Our problem is obvious we believe. If a person who has ingested some powerful semi-hypnotic and opiate based medications and needed a bath to relax or what have you, then with body temperature being influenced by water temperature, one would think that a few lines, or spoonfuls of cocaine may not be the best recipe for either getting a clear head or a little pick me up.

This unfortunate sequence of events is hard – yet hardly accidental. We believe the main-stream media is definitely covering up some issues; therefore, the autopsy results are biased.

In our second such example is that of Trayvon Martin, who – other than the person who was with him – can definitively tell the absolute truth about what happened that resulted in his death.

Special interest groups, social advocacy groups, civil rights leaders, as well as young Trayvon’s family and community have made enough noise to finally get someone to act.

Therefore on Thursday night, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi appointed a special prosecutor to take over the state’s investigation of the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month.

We’d ask please allow this team headed by the special prosecutor to do – without interference or bias – let them do their job. We are not willing to discuss virtually anything to do with how, when, or where Mr. Trayvon Martin was insofar as we believe that 17 years of age is far too early for someone to die.

It is our belief that the main-stream media has just about ruined any person of getting a fair trial; furthermore, we’re not sure that anything we know as “justice” will be served. This is what we all could do for the case – our social responsibility of using our right to free speech with good conscience and speak with fidelity and reliability.


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