Some inconsistencies in the Oval Office

Most, if not all of us in the USA know of or at least have heard of The Kaiser Foundation. The word Kaiser for me initiates some of the strongest mixed emotions I’ve ever had at the mentioning of a person’s name.

Interestingly enough not all of the mixed emotions are negative. I mean this person or a member of his immediate family darn near saved America’s war efforts after the unexpected shelling of Pearl Harbor. I also remember one of my first jobs during high school that required mandatory union membership.

Seemed like a pretty fair trade insofar as my medical insurance carrier was Kaiser Hospitals, Inc. Yet, I don’t have to remind myself that the world population was less that 50% of what it is now; moreover, the population of the USA was a larger percentage than that!

Therefore I decided to self-educate myself with The George Kaiser Foundation. That information was for me and I dare say I am not going to start any lectures. Just a snippet of information for anyone interested. When WWII broke out with American involvement experts hoped at best that the shipping industry could produce one ship every six months. By 1943 the Kaiser Company had sunk that figure to 56 days; with one Liberty ship being completed every 14 days. By the end of the war the Kaiser Company was launching a new ship every twelve days.

The accolades could go on and on to include the out-right full scale purchase of The Bank of Oklahoma before the economy took a dive in 2008-09. However, one does not have mixed emotions when everything is completely positive, right?

An article by the nonpartisan and open government organization Sunlight Foundation’s Bill Allison has analyzed Kaiser’s business activities and his use of legal tax avoidance strategies, including how during the 1980s bust in the oil industry in Oklahoma and Texas. Kaiser bought up struggling energy companies whose losses provided him with tax deductions that effectively offset his own income and left him with little or no tax liability.

The report says Kaiser paid no taxes to the federal government for years and that when he did pay taxes, just once in a six-year period, it was just under $11,700, meaning he paid taxes on a taxable wage of $5.62 per hour. The report comes from the Sunlight Foundation’s Bill Allison. Allison’s post indicates many experts, including the IRS, believe Kaiser’s tax strategies were illegal.

Now the question: Does this remotely resemble what Barack Obama says, we state No! This is the most cunning person in politics we know of in history. Actually cunning is a little bit less than what I’m trying to relate here. Where is all this rubbish about how the rich and elite should pay more taxes? You can bet your bottom dollar that many of the “visits” to the White House by Kaiser Foundation executives were advising not on ship building, nah, most likely how to run health care as in HMO Obamacare.

I don’t know what it is however I can assure you that my animosity has nothing to do with race period; I’m leaning far more to the unqualified bull-squat side of politics when it comes to Barack Obama, the person is the epitome of a hypocrite!

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