America’s Obsession with Homosexuality..?

I recently saw an advertisement for what appeared to be affiliated with my undergraduate universities alumni association; moreover, as I skimmed the ad the more possible it came from George Fox University. And for the life of me – all during the Memorial Day festivities – I found the need for critical thought.

I mean anyone who knows anything about university and or college rankings is well versed in the accomplishments that reign down on my teeny-tiny undergrad university. When I attended we were ranked something along the lines of 10th in the national rankings; albeit, considering the growth in population of Oregon and especially the University I can understand their current ranking of 25th in its western regional.

George Fox is a Christian university of the arts, sciences, and professional studies. Small class sizes allow for personal attention from faculty who integrate into the life of the school. George Fox University offers a number of student services including nonremedial tutoring, health service, and health insurance. George Fox University also offers campus safety and security services like 24-hour foot and vehicle patrols, late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks, student patrols, and controlled dormitory access (key, security card, etc). Of the students at George Fox University, 85 percent have cars on campus. Alcohol is not permitted for students of legal age at George Fox University.

Allow me just for an instant…GFU is the type of university that parent’s rarely, if ever, need to make a decision of where to send their children post high school. The school is a Scripture based institution, that from 5:00AM to nearly midnight has something to keep students involved either academically, socially, or the combination thereof.

The school is unique as far as universities in this country are concerned inasmuch as a deep camaraderie develops instantly through common interests, clubs, or other activities that have been organized through Fox’s multi-faceted network of trusted friends.

Therefore, I could only imagine that either George Fox University’s hierarchy had completely caved-in and was in institutional spiral, or was in a mess. Oh, I still receive my quarterly magazine The George Fox Journal as well as the blue and old gold logoed letter from the president of the University and of course my little, but getting fancier donation designated card with return envelope.

The information that I became privy to was not sent to me by one of the best and brightest organizations for true academic, cultural, and traditional institutions of higher learning in the world, rather what James Madison would call a “mob-rule like faction” had developed.

Believe me when I say that the very namesake of the University – George Fox – who literally shook and trembled while delivering the gospel message must be trembling in his grave! Legend has it that George Fox was indeed the inspiration behind the Society of Friends Christian denomination; and henceforth was dubbed a “Quaker” by a judge who mocked George Fox’s exhortation to “tremble at the word of the Lord;” nonetheless there was no compromise in his beliefs – something that would be a legacy of Mr. Fox for over five centuries and counting.

While doing information gathering on the internet I happened upon a Facebook advertisement brought to me by “OneGerogeFox’s” organization enlisting and encouraging the aid of GFU’s alumni for the LGBTQ community. This much I will say: I’m not altogether certain of who is running the show there albeit, they espouse in their advertisement that they have the Board of Regents support which for me, is just one issue that seemed obsurd. Actually the offering statement specifically mentions, George Fox administration, its Human Sexuality Committee, the Board of Trustees and the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends:

Furthermore, GFU is the one organization that I have never had to consider where my donations were going; moreover, what the funds were used for insofar as GFU has a direct fund for contributions to those students who need assistance.

Despite recent shocking news reports – like the CDC’s revelation that 1 in 5 homosexual males in the U.S. is infected with HIV/AIDS and new studies proving children raised by same-sex parents are far more likely to commit homosexual acts themselves than other kids – the radical “gay rights” agenda, including same-sex marriage and open homosexuality throughout the armed forces, is about to be forced down Americans’ throats.

Ironically, despite the almost total capitulation of America’s elite class on this agenda – including the news media and pundits both left and right – Americans themselves overwhelmingly reject it.

Indeed, while same-sex marriage has been imposed on Americans by rogue judges (in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Iowa) and rogue legislatures (Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire), not a single state has seen its citizens vote in favor of “gay marriage.” In fact, 41 states have passed statutes defining marriage as between a man and a woman, and 30 states have added language to their own state constitutions defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

In light of this growing rift between regular Americans and the political and cultural elite, World Net Daily Managing Editor David Kupelian asks the obvious question: “With the nation trying to counter a maniacal socialist coup in Washington, an economy in dire freefall and a wholesale invasion of the U.S. across our southern border, why should anyone care about same-sex marriage at all?”

The answer, says Kupelian: “We all better care, because once gay marriage is legalized in America – something for which there’s no precedent in 5,000 years of Western Civilization – schools will be required to indoctrinate children that homosexuality is perfectly normal and healthy, pastors and rabbis will fear preaching their faith’s core moral values, gender confusion and gross

immorality will dominate our culture, polygamy and other bizarre ‘marriage’ arrangements will be legalized, and much more – in short, America will become unrecognizable, regardless of who’s president and which party is in power.”

Well much to my good pleasure I assembled a group of friends whose sexuality for the most part is unknown to me and others. After reading all of the material from “OneGeorgeFox’s” organization as well as some other information, collectively we came to the conclusion that this was not a university endorsed endeavor.

Well much to my good pleasure I assembled a group of friends whose sexuality for the most part is unknown to me and others. After reading all of the material from “OneGeorgeFox’s” organization as well as some other information, collectively we came to the conclusion that this was not a university endorsed endeavor

Rather, to the sharp eye it is very much an organization capitalizing on the reputation that the University itself has developed. As for me, I would start the legal wrangling before this issue gets out of hand; however, GFU has a different strategy than my mind could ever develop and regardless, I trust them.

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