Is House Speaker Boehner stalling for some reason..?

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There is yet another reason as to why the House Speaker may be stalling. We know that the US Attorney General is the only person who can legitimately prosecute the President. It appears that one one reason of delay could be that in the event that Obama in fact, is not a citizen of the USA.


Predicated upon his mishandling of foreign policy, blaming anyone and everyone known to humankind for his failures in the public policy domain, and almost arrogantly lauding off everything said about his blatantly reckless disrespect and disregard and for the U.S. Constitution, how possible could it be that Barack Obama did knowingly accept or even ordered falsified documentation to support that he is a citizen of the USA? Consider the alternative if in fact, Obama is not a US citizen at all? Consider how collectively with the notion of a potential re-election, Boehner may know or have details that may indeed bury Obama with the assistance of Holder.Now then ask yourselves, what kind of leverage would Holder have in ever seeing to it that the proper justice be served? This is of course if one assumes that Holder himself is trustworthy and honest; moreover, in all instances he is as clean as a whistle.Or what if the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, is playing a similar tune to the House Speaker with the cumulative effect that it just won’t happen without Holder’s input.

Just a thought…like Halle Berry’s character in Swordfish…[just a thought Stanley, just a thought…]

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