Why not just sit it out and let the Government think for us..?

Because like it or not that is what is precisely going on in our country. Our government has maneuvered itself into every aspect of our lives; moreover, they’ve even suggested or even regulated what we should be doing. Let’s look at the “through no fault of their own” syndrome.

When it comes right down to the ideals of Comprehensive Immigration Reform we readily admit that there are some issues that either by hook or crook or unforeseen disingenuous circumstances haven’t even been given a thought. Well one might ask, what is the difficulty now? Actually it is an identifiable symptom that has been here forever, and that unchanging.

As we look at the public education system in this country; moreover, the lack of certain life skills that an individual needs to live as reasonable and as prosperous as they are able to do, we foresee this aspect as potentially one of our greatest resources – once people can speak freely without threat or regulation that dictates otherwise.

The reason we were alarmed at the public education system and its failure to educate even the most essential skills has indeed cornered us into a most heinous, unethical, and lack of moral turpitude that stymies even those with thinking skills. Therefore, seeing that moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States that refers to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty, or good morals…” we would appeal to anyone the following notion:

How and even why is it that at the end of the academic year we see high school graduates in a colorful array of regalia holding signs that read, “What Now or What do we do now?” Make no mistake about it, we have always been offended by these colorful sign carriers insofar as they seem to be asking, “…okay now what do I do…”

Here is our problem with this out of control mess. Has the U.S. federal government put so many regulations a la the Fourteenth Amendment and protected status so as to inhibit educators, teachers, administrators, and especially counselors from being able to make inquiry and assist these potential victims. Or has it been a situation of willful discrimination to hold these students back from their aspiring dreams because the government wants them to be dependent upon them?

We would agree that to do nothing in their plight is unethical and simply wrong. Indeed going this far into history imitating an ostrich with its head in the sand regarding a dysfunctional immigration program is about as inhumane and morally crude as anyone could ever be.

Therefore, all of immigration reform policy should be dedicated to these potential victims. Two things about loyalty I can’t seem to ever forget, nor do I want too: If we educators took some time and mentioned available options to their students is very much like the ancient Chinese proverb that states “…Buy someone a fish sandwich to eat…you have purchased the person a meal; however, by teaching that same person how to fish… you feed him for a lifetime.” Therefore, knowing at the limited amount of time, say 1986 up to now in 2012 or 26 – years has created a dependency problem for the child immigrant and average American taxpayer albeit local and federal taxation.

Now insofar as the federal government and or their parties of representation want or seem to want nothing to do with it — working toward improving America’s hopeless immigration problems — wouldn’t it therefore be equitable to legislate some kind of program where the Democrat or the Republican Party national foundations should be assisting to exonerate America from this problem? Look at what has been spent thus far on the election per individual: Barack Obama has spent approximately $200 million whereas Mitt Romney has spent around $150 million. Since the last amnesty granted by President Reagan — 26 years ago — there have been 2 Republican presidents for a total of 12 years; likewise we have had 2 Democrat presidents for a total of 12 years and one Democrat president whose granted amnesty again for about 1.5 million people.

And by a huge measure far worse because one either inherits a quasi-literate person dependent upon the federal government for entitlements, or, copious amounts of extra crime, discontent, and civil disobedience.
Somewhere and somehow one must come to the conclusion that this mess needs to be eradicated immediately. The way that it is now the government has created intergenerational dependence which is never acceptable and gets more costly.

And from this point it only gets worse. Hasn’t anyone ever asked a person who is illegally in the country at the behest of their parents; “So what have you done to straighten out this type of problem you’re in? Have you gone to see a school counselor? Have you spoken with your parents about it? Have you made independent inquiry from the government and its trusty bureaucratic agencies like, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)? How about ICE or Border Patrol Agents? Why not ask the Department of Homeland Security?

Well we have! Primarily because it is hard for us to understand how or why anyone could leave at least 75% of their lifetime totally up for grabs. Or would we be better off with the attitude of “…okay you’ve finished high school, now go back to your country of origin…”

We believe that with the intervening federal government into every aspect of an individual’s life – including, but certainly not limited too – questions that can be asked versus those that can’t be asked; no level-headed educator wants to get sued for asking someone they’re trying to assist with the hereafter high school dilemma…oh but they will!

And please…we published an earlier article that suggested the availability of parental assistance with the notion that these children who are in America as “no fault of their own” rather because of what their parents did we would like to suggest a quid pro quo scenario. (Please click here for much needed reading!)

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