How by having an unclear separation of powers is the liberty of the people lost?

How by having an unclear separation of powers is the liberty of the people lost?


We are not in the position of telling people how they feel insofar as who are we to know what someone else may be living? Moreover, when we look at the certifiable travesties of life and then compare or contrast how people react to them, then we must endure our humanity and use empathy and hopefully feel for that person who may be suffering.

Much hullaballoo has been made about the recent boycott versus appreciation day for Chick-Fil-A; this is a response to a stimulus made by mayors of two different cities with the compilation of a string of personal abuses going on at the hands of our own government.

When it becomes common knowledge that critical intelligence leaks are coming from the White House there is a cause for shaky national security much the same as 15 million people crossing your borders with help and assistance from again, the White House.

It should not take anyone to long to figure out that the real abuse is in the form of squeezing the human rights out of those who stand up for and those who are Americans. Therefore how do you feel lately as your rights are being squandered, limited, or abused?

Invariably or so it seems that immediately we need to look at the symptom, identify it, then go about treating it to ensure that it will never happen again. Based on this model of diagnosis tracking, the symptoms appear to be manifest in an apathetic nation based on its economy; with sustained periods of unemployment, moreover, not being able to find a job people begin to look at those who are given over to “Stimulus packages” and call them the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and go on about their day conspiring ways to increase more government spending. Okay one problem has been identified; how then do we prepare to treat it?

At this point folks – this is where we find the ugliest forms of human nature that could possibly be enacted by individuals or more precisely, an individual.

Our first thought was, we should ask ourselves what it is about having separation of powers that allegedly ensures good government and prevents tyranny.

The separation of powers helps to ensure good government at the same time it guards against tyranny. Independent in function but coordinated in the pursuit of justice, the three branches of government—legislative, executive, and judicial—must each have enough power to resist the encroachment of the others, and yet not so much that the liberty of the people is lost.

Unfortunately we need to ask our reader’s if this institutional design of separation is working. As for our input, No! We do not feel as though the independent branches of government are doing nearly enough to stop a particular branch of abusing its powers.

When you are feeling neglected or your government is not responding the way that it should – look around if only for an instant – and in most cases it will be either protection from the potential encroachments of the other branches, or in the House it very well could be other members of your party or another party creating factions within the same house. The Majority Leader of the Senate Senator Harry Reid comes to the forefront of our minds.

This institutional design allows the sovereign people to observe and to know which branch is responsible for which actions in order to hold each to account. The sense of mutual responsibility built into the separation of powers is a reflection of the moral and civic responsibility all Americans share.

As for us, the sooner that Americans begin to take hold – firmly of their rights, responsibilities, and giving back – indeed more than we are taking into account, the shaky and undetermined future of America rests with those who involve themselves in self-government.

However, and as we all know this is not happening within the United States government now or certainly for the last almost four years. The executive branch will not even attempt to work with the legislative branch and vice-versa. The dear president feels that what he had to do to get his universal health care — Obamacare — passed into law…well, we’d all feel pretty guilty about the way it was done. And insofar as the legislative houses want to desperately cut spending everything they’re sent to the executive has been denied or vetoed.

This is where it gets very interesting – the potential encroachments of the other branches, or in the House it very well could be other members of your party or another party creating factions within the same house, mentioned earlier becomes clearly recognizable.

We find ourselves lately torn by how President Barak Obama has placed himself above the law and has decided to begin making new ones that are more conducive to his style. In a nutshell the problem is he does not have the authority to do these things without having the law-makers – Congress – those representatives who are supposed to putting the need of their constituents above this type of rubbish. It only gets worse from here…

So much more tomorrow…


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