Freedom of speech demands Political Correctness..?

Freedom of speech demands Political Correctness..?

Mayor Peter Swiderski addressed a letter to the entire village of Hastings on Hudson, New York, making clear his conviction that facts which offend the sensibilities of the left must be condemned as “deplorable, hateful and morally repugnant” as they do not “reflect the ideals of [the] community or…of [the] nation.”

That would be good and well enough said when addressing an entire national audience. But no, this typical politician continued to talk and therefore left it without addressing the issues.

At issue to the mayor is an ad placed on a series of billboards in Westchester County, Metro-North stations by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The ad states that there have been “19,250 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11/01 and counting,” and continues on with the fact that, “It’s not Islamophobia, it’s Islamorealism.”

Oddly enough, Mayor Swiderski does not question the truth of the group’s claim. Rather, like so many dhimmis, which translated means “the people of the dhimma or people of the contract”) is a non-Muslim subject of a state governed in accordance with Sharia law, across the country, he simply finds it disgraceful to “tar a faith and its followers because of the actions of a few.” (A-hem.) Remarkable how viciously active those “few” are, given 19,250 attacks took place even though the Mayor’s contends that “…the vast majority of believers in [Islam] (and all other) major religions, embrace peace and do not endorse the violence wrought by [those] fanatic few.”

We’d like to remind the ostensibly clueless mayor that his example of a few (19,000 plus) is an oxymoron. Furthermore, although his heart may be in the right spot, he his further hurting his and Islamic causes by coming out with disinformation.

The executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative is Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs fame. It was a series of anti-Israel billboards and kiosks that inspired Geller to begin the “Islamorealism” campaign in the Westchester Metro stations. Sponsored by Henry Clifford, co-chairman of the Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine, the ads “… featured maps of Israel from 1946 through 2010 focusing on the expansion of Israel at the expense of Palestinians.”

Neither Mayor Swiderski nor members of the Hastings on Hudson, Board of Trustees took offense at the anti-Israel postings. Apparently none of these pillars of the Westchester community consider attacks on the Jewish state to be either “deplorable” or offensive to “the ideals of the community!” And this notion we feel is very, very poor indeed.

Geller responded to claims about the inappropriate nature of her group’s advertisements by stating, “Jihadists worldwide make recruits among peaceful Muslims by portraying themselves as the exponents of true Islam. Rather than being offended by my ads, Muslims who genuinely oppose jihad should be joining me to fight against it and challenge the jihadist interpretation of Islam.” Not surprisingly, she was ignored by the left as its members pressed their attack. We hate to admit it…but this is the way of those renegade factions with a mobocracy mind-set.

“Apparently, after legal review, this ad did not qualify as hate speech and falls under First Amendment protection,” moaned Mayor Swiderski as he provided Westchester residents with the name and address of the Metro-North chairman. Beseeching his offended townspeople to complain to the chairman about Geller’s unacceptable use of her 1st Amendment rights, Swiderski made it clear his interpretation of free speech rights mirrors that of every other liberal. That is, say something with which I agree and I’ll not consult with attorneys about your despicable example of hate speech!

And rightfully so…we fail to see where information rendered on facts amounts to anything but the truth – and therefore is not hate speech. Furthermore, we firmly engage in the notion that pursuant to the 14th amendment there have been far too many issues that involve misplaced hate and protected classes of people. Even as we write this article we are listening to how Janet Napolitano is now giving “protected status” to Syrians.

All in all, just another example of the true American spirit brought to us by the dimmest of New England!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rosetteismyname's Blog and commented:
    No, political correctness and freedom of speech…. Freedom of speech doesn’t demand political correctness… I like the titlte – freedom of speech demands political correctness… It seems it offers more when people would be politically “correct” or choose an open format but – they are just too much willing not to make sense when it comes to what they say they want in politics and what they’d be saying in the political conversation.

  2. Hi there…I really agree with you regarding that most people — certainly in politics these days are far too willing to engage in “double-speak” the notion of using multiple meanings for one precise word. As for me, I believe you are spot on with your assessment. Thank you for commenting.

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