A couple of pet peeves…

I was just reading a great announcement on the Daily Post about issues that we can use as inspiration in various and sundry blogs. Well not being one to pass-up the chance to have a sanctioned rant or even a tirade, the only deterrent I’ve found is in the availability to keep focused whilst writing, because as you know – that as one thinks about those matters that cause the blood pressure to rise – it seems as though the more matters come to mind. Without further adieu…

Wanting to not sound condescending in any way inasmuch as this little gripe took me years to overcome, nevertheless it still took work, thinking, and a lot of correction.

The word is a lot…end of story. It is not alot or any other contraction of “a” and lot. This is as simple as it gets – until one day you are sitting quietly whilst taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) prior to being accepted to graduate school and the question comes up on a lot or alot?

So it is cool to wonder why or otherwise mutter beneath the breath, “What is this person’s problem with alot?”

The answer is simply that it is not correct usage of the English language! When one considers the oxymoron that is created by running “a” (vowel) together with the word “lot” one is not respecting the language, their own liabilities, or at the very least, how disconcerting this tragic oversight is to me.

Interestingly the word “lot” is most often used as a matter of units such as: a large number, lots, plenty, a great number, masses, loads, and heaps. Furthermore, the word “lot” is also used uniquely in describing small area of land, where movies are made, thing(s) to be sold, all of something, and one of my all time favorites is describing group of people or things. Say this with me…”You lot…”

Well I feel better hoping at least one person will stop using alot and have enough gumption to use the words correctly as in a lot. Or unfortunately we wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of “The sale of wine reached $9 million at Christie’s with fewer than half the lots sold,” now would we?


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