Ask a younger person who they are voting for and why…

I am not sure if there is anything that gets under my skin, and apparently, for those who work at American Age as much as ill-informed, people who are subject to misinformation and disinformation.

Today after seeing unauthorized charges on my end month statement for one of my credit cards I decided to contact the corporate offices of “Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe” to make inquires pursu

ant to why these charges were on my card – of all places.

Unfortunately for me the person who worked for customer service at Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe who was to handle my claim – bless him because he was a nice person even though he tried his level best to screw
me, not on his own mind you, but predicated upon the company he works for he was in fact following their rules.

In brief this person told me that I had made authorized purchases from that company who sells pharmaceuticals over the counter alleged to enhance male sexual performance, add muscle tissue only, help with weight gain, all this and so much more by boosting testosterone levels in males.

WOW what a wonder drug I said! Then after assuring him that I had not made any such purchase, requisition, order, or otherwise (everything with the exception of submitting to DNA testing) the customer service representative, Red, said “Thank you very much is there anything else I can do for you?”

Talk about “Alice’s Restaurant” (famed anti-war folk song by Arlo Guthrie) I steadfastly in very proper English allow Red to know that I wanted immediate credit back into my credit card account for the amounts I had been billed. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, and yada later I was asking for his supervisor insofar as he refused my request to talk to him.

Imagine that…one calls Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe and is looking at being charged in excess of $200 with no intention of refunding funds they had no right to take in the first place and when Red said “No” to the supervisor request and I was still patient, forbearing, and kind. It was only after I asked for the general counsel’s telephone number and/or email address as well as his supervisor’s particulars to cc or bcc him what was going on did Red begin to see that I was not going to accept his no refund policy.

Oh the people we get to know…and you know what? Red asked me if I was watching Fox News. I informed him I wasn’t but was interested why he’d be asking such an impetuous question. Red states well, you sound like a republican, a conservative type, so I figured you’d be staring at the likes of Martha MacCallum or Megyn Kelly right about now.

Needless to say somehow the conversation got around to politics and as plainly as I could I explained to Red that I didn’t want to talk politics until my original matter was taken care of. OH! He says, well that’s been cleared up and you’ll receive the money back as a credit from us.

Red started out about my demeanor on the telephone – kind, understanding, meticulous, direct, and all those republican basics. Then he confessed that the exact reason was that I wasn’t taking no-deal as an answer insofar as they get to keep portions of the funding as the client leaves!

By this time this person wasn’t worth a minute more of my time. To wrap things up I explained to him to very much reconsider whom he’d be voting for insofar as his decision could affect my life. Red was a hotheaded, impulsive, hasty, and spontaneous type of person. So in his indignity he starts telling me how republicans always vote for the ones who want war and Romney was preparing to attack Russia. How do you feel about that? I simply mentioned Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and most recently the emails that had been discovered by investigation that Obama knew that our embassies were involved in terrorist activities within one hour of the original call for S.O.S.

He started with well I think it was George W. Bush who started…pardon me Red, but goodbye.

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