Its Oxymoron Time

Oxymoron Time

It is “Oxymoron Time”; this is one of the inspirations we use to get going albeit, most of the times when we don’t want to write about the news. Actually it is the condition of the news that we abhor.

On the one hand we have an incumbent person in office that has trampled and crushed everything he stated in order to gain control of the office. Oh we are only addressing things such as transparency, posting legislative proceedings on C-Span within 5 days of any vote, accountability to the American people for immigration reform, green energy, and to “restore America as the number one country in the world by traveling abroad.”

So what is an oxymoron? Briefly an oxymoron is basically an expression that contains two or more contradictory words for effect. For example using a phrase such as “wise fool” or “legal murder” is rather obvious. However another definition for oxymoron that makes it more complete and a bit more thorough.

Phrases or complete sentences expressed to show words with opposite meanings are used more and more now that folks are really beginning to abuse the English language albeit, for laughs or pure unethical change. Examples of these are “a bittersweet experience” really equates to an experience one has had that is both unpleasant and pleasant.

Now all in good fun mind you, here is an example of how we play “Oxymoron Time”. How is it that a person who has failed miserably even considers the notion of getting four more years to trample and go against the law of the land and make things even worse?

Here is a good one, using the notion of opposites within a sentence we ask how does a person promise publicly to overhaul the Immigration and Naturalization Service within his first year of office; subsequently, begins to issue Memorandums of Order to various departments chiefs so it would appear that he has had nothing to do with it? Barack Obama lied first to Latinos and Hispanics (to capture their vote) then continued the lie for three years into his presidency before he started his backdoor amnesty accommodations.

As far as transparency, accountability, and the use of C-Span to keep the American people in the loop, what actually happened was the most egregious oxymoron for that time. He had various senators and representatives voting on a health care bill before it were even printed!

And the one for all time sake – that should get him impeached or indicted – is this entire cover-up known as Benghazi-Gate. On one hand the President, the Secretary of State, and the Ambassador to the United Nations from the U.S. were all spinning this lie about a 14-minute tape that caused such an upheaval, when in fact, this was a pre-planned orchestrated terrorist insurrection over who was to receive weapons among the rebels in Syria.

And now the person is still telling the American people that he did mutter these two words from the Rose Garden one day after watching this armored attack on the U.S. Consulate, “terror attack.”

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