Which are you– Makers or Takers

A new Pulse Opinion Research (POR) survey provides all the evidence needed to conclude that America was mortally wounded by the reelection of Barack Obama. For whatever their reason, the “Makers” in our country saw fit to stay home and allow the “Takers” and their enablers to ascend to power. Now the country will reap the devastation brought on by their decision.

The opinion splits found in the POR report on every important indicator of the financial health of the country could not be clearer. While an overall 59% think the country is on the wrong track, 87% of Republicans (the Makers’ Party) said “wrong track” and 54% of Democrats (the Takers’ Party) saw the nation as being on the right track. Why should they think otherwise with so much “free stuff” coming their way paid for by taxes collected from the Makers?

timthumbolil obamaEverything is “free” in Comrade Obama’s land of milk and honey – isn’t it? Sixty percent of the Takers believe they will be better off after another four years of Obama’s “free stuff for all”; but only 30% of the Takers believes their children will be better off. This attitude suggests a live in the now mentality. For reasons we don’t believe need further explanation are what if the generation before your current generation decided on the same value or lack thereof system. Do you think that education would be as wide spread and have an easy access to use? How about the civil rights thinking in our nation?

By contrast, just 4% the “Makers” say their children will be better off; 80% said their children’s lives will be bleaker under more of Comrade Obama’s largesse. This clearly proves the base selfishness of the Takers. It shows that although they believe their children will be worse off tomorrow because of the way they want to live the next four years, they don’t give a damn.

story The Makers are frightened and upset about the horrible mess their children have been handed, but the Takers are chanting, “O-BAM- A; O-BAM-A; FREE STUFF; FREE STUFF; O-BAM-A!” African Americans, whose unemployment is double that of whites and substantially higher now than it was when Obama came to office, are of course more upbeat than any other group. Forty four percent of African Americans think the country is moving on the right track. A huge 56% of African Americans think their children will be better off after four more years of Comrade Obama’s bottomless

“Free stuff for all (well, almost all)” policies while just 10% of whites feel the same way. That’s 56% for one group and 10% for the other – any questions. Sure we have a bonafide question. Q: How is it that African Americans see the unemployment rate within the ranks as well as the rate is substantially higher than when Obama took office are full of so much praise for Obama rather than being critical. It really appears that the white and Latin American populace are the people making the most waves insofar as the evidence shows that Obama’s programs, law breaking, and squandering every opportunity for economic growth for America are in fact the one’s holding Obama to the fire.


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