Kick It — Writing from a prompt using Idioms

soapboxAwe yes…the notion of kicking it. Just thinking aloud here for a moment, have you ever wondered how many topics have derived there meaning with the manipulation of these two words. Let’s have a go…shall we.

As far back as I am able to remember – Kick It – meant or had some connotation regarding death. Sure it was cliché to use it in such a way; however, as most of us have found out, death is not an easy discussion topic. Therefore, whenever the topic came up then the first words out were somewhere along the line of kicking it or kicking the bucket.

As long as we are on this particular topic – what we are doing is using English idioms – as our prompt for writing. As we all remember idioms are an expression whose meaning is different from thechiphi3ft meaning of the individual words. Interestingly idioms are native language specific where as idioms in English are for those that speak and understand English. The same procedure is for all known languages and that is that idioms are language specific.

However, this definition is just a bit like hitting the nail on its head. Recently I was asked what languages I speak. My first response was American-English, British-English, and Australian-English. Although there are vast similarities that tend to identify them as one language, have you ever stated something along the lines of, I was so pissed off to an Aussie or Brit. In American English slang getting pissed off means to get angry; however, to the Aussie or Brit is means being drunk. Although there is a degree of specificity within the language there will always be some exclusion.

Right then…as I started to get older I realized that although one may identify kicking it as an idiom, try and visit your local soccer club’s match on the weekend. Kicking it to someone engaged in soccer means precisely that…kick the ball.

Soon enough I reached an age where the simple phrase kick it meant to go out and rage! It’s even better used when one loudly states, “we’re kicking it tonight.”

Which as I am sure we have all found out during a time or two in our lives, sometimes we need to just kick back and do whatever it is that we consider relaxing, peaceful, and brings us satisfaction.


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