What role does music play in your life?

m_64d7e055f5f6441d8eb419adae45fb51Music, albeit listening, singing, playing, studying, and music as a form of worship are a huge factor and play a tremendous role in my life. It is a funny thing however when people start to critically examine the value music has on their lives.

For example, I had been reading this lady’s blog about her – and sort of coming of age – with music in her life. She originally wanted to be an actress and as time would have it she did all the pageantry as a child through upward mobility, she was able to continue on with lessons as an adolescent. But as irony would have it the cost of acting lessons were repaid by taking at least one musical instrument during the same time and as an agreement with her parents she vowed to at least be one step ahead in music over acting.

This is a good example so it necessary that I continue with just a wee bit more. As puberty passed and on came adolescence, her biggest surprise was the invention of high school. She was all dialed in with the Drama Club, The Thespians, even after school practice on actual roles she was to try out.

Well as luck or determination would have it – it seemed apparently she didn’t. Play after play she failed to make the cut. Imagine if you will how completely devastated this young person was! The high school’s drama department would relegate her to the orchestra pit without even allowing her to be a second or third reader, just in case anything happened to the number one.

Funny thing happened on the way to the theater. This girl had become the first chair violin player without even trying. Then after a short while she began to notice that the patrons even got more excited about the “pit” than what was happening on stage. Slowly to almost a crawl the music director began to use some of her written scores during the live productions.

Oh by the way she still loves acting but we chat about how funny it was how music made the entrance into her life. Yes, yes I know…so what role does music play in my life.

Similar to my friends with the exception that my life and ambition started with music. Before there was an NSYNC’ or Menudo even before boy bands were even popular I was a child musician; however, at the time Thelighted cross Jackson 5 were our only competition…then came the Osmond Brothers. During these years I was in hog heaven. We had several fan clubs, daily mail to read and return, and oh yeah, the phone calls.
Studying and playing music came early for some instruments such as drums and then becoming a percussionist.

It really wasn’t until my teen years that guitars entered into the picture – especially the bass guitar. I received more engagements (gigs) simply because I could play the bass; then came the studying part. Learning to read standard notation wasn’t easy for a kid doing high school neither was scheduling gigs in and around dates with the ladies.

When I became a Christian music had a completely new level of experience for me. As I mentioned earlier, music had become a spiritual form of worship for me. To this day in order to relax I play guitar – I think it would be fair to say that music is the centrality of my life.

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