Trayvon Martin Honored With Anti-Racism Award

Trayvon Martin Honored With Anti-Racism Award

scalesA college has created an anti-racism award in Trayvon Martin’s name.

From Conservative Daily News:

Trayvon Martin, the teen shot and killed in 2012 during a fight with a neighborhood watch member, is being honored posthumously by Providence College.

Ignoring the absolute dearth of evidence indicating his alleged killer – also a minority – was motivated in any way by race, the college announced the creation of the Trayvon Martin Award for Social Justice.

According to the school, one student and one staff member will receive the award for a perceived dedication to fighting racism.

Zimmerman has always maintained he acted in self-defense and this award was created before the facts of the case had been presented at trial.

None of that mattered to Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery, who spearheaded the award project.

She has often referenced the Trayvon Martin case on social media and in weblog postings and said in a recent interview she has no doubt racism was behind the murder.



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