It’s like we owe you something..!

It’s like we owe you something..!

I am writing this aside from American Age insofar as a few of my associates and colleagues that I work with daily do not feel the same manipulative bashing that we receive from time to time. In an attempt at full self-discloser I write this piece from my own will and cognizance.

This document needs to clarify that I don’t have anything against any illegal immigrant. I will not sit here and bash, bruise, or belittle anyone for the sake of wanting to have a better life. However, I do have trepidations which an individual seeks to obtain that better life.

la raza fistHowever, I am very compelled to write about special interest groups such as La Raza, MALDEF, as well as some of those representatives in both houses of Congress. As well as the despicable – outright deplorable nonsense that comes from Barack Obama’s insidious ways and other members of the executive branch of government that would have certainly called for impeachment of the bozo during the Founding Fathers’ time.

Please understand, or try to understand if this is possible for you. I am an American male, honorably discharged from our military during a time of war, and have since earned two Master’s degrees; one in which I fully intend on making it a Ph.D. I have spent more time in Central America including from El Salvador to Panama. Some of my greatest years have almost been spent in Mexico.

As a child my parents purchased land and a modest camper deluxe with endorsements from our landlord as well as many, many members of our community just south of Mazatlan. We applied for the appropriate documents (which all of our friends referred to as “papers.”) The thing I remember most about these times was how long it took corresponding with the Mexican maldef_wallauthorities to finally first receive our provisional visas then our residency clearance came through.

We, as a family, never, ever dreamt of becoming citizens of Mexico. As for me I thought that that notion was completely out of the question. So like any other kid I learned Spanish (Mexican style) primarily for asking about produce whilst at the markets as well as the surf in some of the most exquisite waters on earth.

Once I entered my teens my language skills didn’t draw as many laughs insofar as there were other matters to prime one for – ladies. Although we entertained the idea of perhaps dating a Latina; however, to be more on the respectful side of the culture, and the country’s bias against Caucasians at the time, we gringos primarily stayed to the local tourist hang outs and tried to meet ladies there.

This was how I was brought into the world. My parents taught us early to respect another’s home, domicile, and above all their country, including but not limited to eating with the hands (big one right?) most of all when at the bull fights we learned how to respect even the bulls not to mention the bull fighters or Matadors.

Whose problem is this...really.

Whose problem is this…really.

So with that introduction I would like every member of a special interest group and especially any advocacy group to please just read and listen. Comments will always be open. Yet for the life of me, to witness La Raza storming the White House or Capitol Hill to discuss their grievances; moreover, what they want, how it should be implemented, and furthermore what the United States did wrong in 1986 with the way of implanting full amnesty. I’d like to remind everyone reading this to stand quietly – when has a government bureaucracy ever get things totally right? And I hasten to remind Ms.Cecilia Muñoz that hindsight is always 20/20.

As far as I am concerned the brouhaha over Voter Identification cards sure as anything ripped into the integrity of my nation. Saying such things as “ask me for my papers” or somehow that this sovereign country called the United States of America owes you something – for me – is just plain absurd.

Like it or not over 12 million people gained access and many privileges by sojourning across the U.S.A. border and in doing so completely lost sight of our “Rule of law” and hitherto just helped themselves to a better way of life and standard of living.

I can apologize for the “caca-cabezas” in Washington D.C., although it is not my duty. However, for the condition that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is currently in, and to those “loco” absent declaration-of-independence3minded politicians who swore to be our stewards if we elected them – goodness gracious–have they ever failed!

It is probably the way you feel about now regarding your amnesty. Don’t worry amigos; these are people without a conscience. We should still work our butts off with proper immigration reform – however, that should not come at any expense to this nation; yet rather let’s build real Reform, Reform that lasts.

And lastly please do not teach your children that they are entitled to anything. The right that Americans have to education has been bought with a price — lives. Just because you managed your way across the border does not mean that any member of your family should expect a pathway to citizenship, medical care, or a house to live in. Please, please remember that it was you or someone in your family who broke our laws. It sickens me to hear the mierda de toro coming out of Washington D.C.


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