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In 2008, Uwe Romeike fled Germany after facing imprisonment and the threat of his children being taken away. His crime? Romeike wanted to homeschool his five kids, which is illegal in Germany. The scalesUnited States granted the family political asylum, and they’ve lived in the U.S. for the past several years.

It is extremely important to stipulate here that as we reported earlier, this family was granted asylum because the German government threatened to take all of the children away from their parents and setup foster-care for adoption as well as imprisoning the parents.

Then, the Department of Justice asserted that the practice of parents educating their children cannot be used a basis to seek citizenship and attempted to send them back to Germany.
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to hear oral arguments later this month. Mike Farris is from the Home School Legal Defense Association and is helping Romeike fight his deportation in court.

The DOJ is arguing that homeschooling is not a protected right and that parents who do so are not a protected group. Romeike said, “I certainly think its persecution when the government tries to take away your children from you.”

And isn’t this the reality of the argument? The terms of the Romeikes political asylum are based on civil rights abuses inasmuch as it was determined that the law in Germany – not with respect to homeschooling; rather, removing the children from their natural parents was indeed against the principles initiated by the United States.

In December 2010, U.S. Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman granted asylum to Uwe and Hannalore Romeike, who homeschool their five children (they now have another baby as well). The family is living in Tennessee.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) filed an appeal, arguing that homeschoolers are not a fit category for granting asylum. Keep in mind that they bend the law to grant asylum to others, including same-sex partners. The Board of Immigration Appeals overturned Judge Burman’s decision, and the family is fighting deportation.

In his ruling, Judge Burman declared that Germany’s policy abridges “basic human rights that no country has a right to violate” and is “repellent to everything we believe in as Americans.”

In the United States, we recognize that unalienable rights, including parental rights, come from our Creator. The Administration’s treatment of the Romeikes reveals much about what this regime values, and it’s apparently not independent, God-fearing families.

Compare this situation:

The illegal immigrant who was allegedly drunk driving when police say he hit and dragged a Milford man to his death has been ruled incompetent to stand trial, MyFoxBoston.com reported.         little gavel

Judge Janet Kinton-Walker says Nicolas Guaman’s “unique cultural background” and language barrier means that he doesn’t understand the court process, the report said. The court also said that he lacks the ability to consult with his attorney properly.

Mr. Dutan-Guaman, 35, is awaiting trial in Worcester Superior Court on charges that include second-degree murder, drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident causing death, and driving without a license in an Aug. 20, 2011, accident that claimed the life of Matthew Denice. Mr. Dutan-Guaman allegedly ran a stop sign, hitting Mr. Denice’s motorcycle and dragging him under his Ford F-150 pickup truck for a quarter of a mile before stopping for police.

Mr. Dutan-Guaman does not have a mental disease or defect that would prohibit him from learning the information necessary to become competent to stand trial, however, the judge ordered Mr. Ettenberg to file a motion for funds to hire an interpreter who speaks Quechua, a dialect spoken in rural Ecuador, to assist him in teaching his client what he needs to know about the legal process in order to be deemed competent.

I did not vote for the current POTUS; however, his fundamental lack of leadership has created a chaotic situation and a sense of apathy among our people. Moreover, every conceivable promise that this person has made to the people of the U.S. he has beyond imagination lied or fabricated the truth to the point of near anarchy.

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